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Leak exposes personal data for millions of Brazilian COVID-19 patients

By brazil, breach, coronavirus, covid-19, data breach, engadget, gear, github, health, Healthcare, Internet, jair bolsonaro, medicine, privacy, Security

Medical data breaches are serious as a rule, but an incident in Brazil may be particularly severe. According to ZDNet, Brazilian newspaper Estadao has learned that a Sao Paolo hospital worker uploaded a spreadsheet with login details for two g…

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Hitting the Books: How autonomous EVs could help solve climate change

By Autonomous Vehicles, Climate Change, engadget, evs, feature, hitting the books, hittingthebooks, marc shaus, our livable world, tomorrow, Transportation

Climate change is far and away the greatest threat of the modern human era — a crisis that will only get worse the longer we dither — with American car culture as a major contributor to the nation’s greenhouse emissions. But carbon-neutralizin…

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Vava’s 4K ultra short-throw projector is $840 off at Amazon

By 4K, bfcm20, commerce, engadget, engadgetdeals, gear, holiday20, holidaydeal20, laser, News, projector, short-throw, thebuyersguide, vava, vmholiday2020

If you’re in the market for a short-throw projector, you could do much worse than the Vava 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser TV Projector. The well-reviewed model typically costs $2,800. However, if you have a couple thousand dollars burning a hole i…

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By Axure, Axure学习, mysemlife, 网络营销, 营销学习, 营销总监, 营销课程

作为一个新时代互联网人,你一定或多或少都了解过Axure这个软件。 简单的来说,Axure就是用来绘制APP、网站的原型图、框架图、结构图等,可以方便的进行多工种沟通,也是现在入职各大互联网公司能够拿到高薪的必要条件。 学会了Axure,工 […]

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By mysemlife, 社群营销方案模板, 网络营销, 网络营销策略, 职业规划, 职场感悟, 营销渠道, 营销策略

日前,一则“迪士尼计划裁员32000人”的新闻在网络上炸开,此后“迪士尼巨亏28亿”“迪士尼今年头三个月大幅下降了91%”的信息层出不穷,昔日的主题游乐园巨头为何沦落至此?是营销策略的失误还是大势所趋? 据悉,据美国证券交易委员会的文件披露 […]

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By mysemlife, 短视频制作, 短视频培训, 短视频形式, 短视频拍摄, 短视频运营, 网络营销, 职场感悟

短视频制作技巧和短视频形式上自己和别人不一样,是打造差异化账号是最直接的方式,想要在短视频领域快速获得流量,技能更新必不可少,平台也需要不断吸收新内容 了解一下目前最常见的短视频形式,以及他们的短视频制作手法,你就知道该如何打造差异化账号了 […]

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By mysemlife, ocpc, OCPC原理, SEM, SEM培训, SEM学习, sem百度竞价, sem竞价, 百度竞价, 竞价培训, 竞价学习, 竞价干货, 竞价推广

文章开始前,我们先来讨论一个问题:“百度的产品经理为啥要开发一个Ocpc的工具?” 搜索引擎推出这个,难道真的就是单纯帮助广告主去优化成本,提升线索量吗?我觉得并不全是,广告主想要最低的CPA,跑出最多的线索,但是搜索引擎想要广告主更多的消 […]

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By mysemlife, 优质页面, 信息流, 信息流培训, 信息流学习, 信息流广告, 信息流推广, 信息流页面

信息流推广页面一般都是单页面,里面不会有太多的子链接、子页面。我们要想访客去转化,想要访客留下线索,信息流推广页面就要有足够的噱头、足够的内容,来引导让用户留下电话、加到微信、下载APP…… 那么如何制作出一个优质的信息流页面?信息流优质页 […]

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By mysemlife, 信息流, 信息流培训, 信息流学习, 信息流广告, 短视频信息流, 短视频信息流广告, 短视频创意, 短视频广告制作

对于刚入门短视频信息流广告,或者想要投放短视频广告的信息流优化师来说,可能会觉得短视频信息流广告制作很难,会有各种各样的疑惑: 短视频信息流广告该如何制作? 我应该采用怎样的方式来展示我的产品? 不懂得短视频剪辑,可以做短视频信息流吗? … […]

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厚昌早报 | 阿里腾讯或暂停收购爱奇艺股份谈判;辛有志回应燕窝事件-网络营销

By mysemlife, 厚昌学院, 厚昌早报, 网络营销

百度收购YY的交易走向存多种可能 一位接近该交易的知情人士透露,针对百度收购YY的交易,早前百度委托了包括普华永道等在内的多家第三方机构做了详细尽职调查,尽职调查范围包括财务、法务等领域。上述人士表示,企业对于收购标的的收入健康度做尽职调查 […]

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The best deals on computer and phone accessories for Black Friday

By anker, aukey, belkin, bfcm20, commerce, engadget, engadgetdeals, gear, holiday20, holidaydeal20, logitech, News, Samsung, sandisk, thebuyersguide, tile, vmholiday2020

Many of us tend to buy computer and phone accessories at the last minute — a charging brick when you forgot yours at home, a wireless mouse on a whim when you’re sick of using your laptop’s trackpad and the like. But investing in a few solid t…

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DJI’s Osmo Mobile 3 gimbal kit with tripod drops to $89 for Black Friday

By bfcm20, cameras, commerce, Dji, engadget, engadgetdeals, gear, gimbal, holiday20, holidaydeal20, Mobile, osmo mobile 3, thebuyersguide, vmholiday2020

A gimbal is one of the best ways to make your smartphone footage look more professional, and as it just so happens one of the best ones you can buy is on sale for Black Friday. Amazon and B&H have discounted the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 combo…

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The Black Friday deals on subscription services that are worth your money

By bfcm20, commerce, engadget, engadgetdeals, gear, holiday20, holidaydeal20, News, subscriptions, thebuyersguide, vmholiday2020

If you’ve become overwhelmed with the number of subscription services there are now, you’re not alone. It’s pretty easy to pay for a dozen or more services every month, and that cost quickly adds up. However, Black Friday is a good time to che…

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The best robot vacuum and smart home deals you can get for Black Friday

By anova, bfcm20, commerce, engadget, engadgetdeals, gear, holiday20, holidaydeal20, instant pot, News, philips hue, robot vacuum, roomba, smart home, thebuyersguide20, vmholiday2020

Black Friday offers a number of good opportunities to up your smart-home game. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen more good deals each year on things like smart light bulbs, robot vacuums and more during the holiday season. And that’s i…

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A bunch of gaming peripherals are deeply discounted for Black Friday

By bfcm20, commerce, engadget, engadgetdeals, gaming, gaming accessories, gear, holiday20, holidaydeal20, News, thebuyersguide, vmholiday2020

There are so many things you could get the gamer in your life for the holidays that we devoted an entire gift guide to just that. But admittedly, even some of the most compact peripherals can be quite expensive. Thankfully, a number of good op…

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AOC will return to Twitch tonight for another round of ‘Among Us’

By alexandria ocasio cortez, among us, amongus, aoc, engadget, gaming, jagmeet singh, live stream, livestream, Streaming, Twitch

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is set to make her return to Twitch tonight for another round of Among Us. She’ll join forces with MP Jagmeet Singh, the leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party, for her second live stream on the platform. Canadian Mem…

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The best deals on smartwatches and wearables for Black Friday

By apple, bfcm20, commerce, engadget, engadgetdeals, fitbit, fitness trackers, garmin, gear, holiday20, holidaydeal20, News, Samsung, smartwatch, thebuyersguide, vmholiday2020, wearables

We all could use a little help staying active, especially now when many of us are staying home more and more. That’s arguably the most obvious reason to get a smartwatch, but these wearables have grown over the past few years to do other thing…

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OnePlus 7T drops to record low $300 in B&H Photo’s Black Friday sale

By android, bfcm20, black friday, commerce, engadget, engadgetdeals, gear, holiday20, holidaydeal20, Mobile, oneplus, oneplus 7t, smartphone, T-Mobile, thebuyersguide, vmholiday2020

If you’re pining for OnePlus’ early days, when you could buy a reasonably speedy phone for the price of a budget model, we have good news — though you’ll need to act quickly. B&H Photo is selling an unlocked (if T-Mobile oriented) OneP…

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The best laptop deals we could find for Black Friday

By Asus, bfcm20, commerce, dell, engadget, engadgetdeals, gear, holiday20, holidaydeal20, hp, laptops, lenovo, Microsoft, News, Samsung, thebuyersguide, vmholiday2020

As many continue to work from home for the foreseeable future, our laptops have become increasingly more important to our professional and personal lives. Black Friday is one of the best times to shop for a new laptop if you need something a b…

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