Facebook turned down 2.2 million ads meant to interfere with US voting

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Facebook really, really wants you to know it’s cracking down on attempts to interfere with voting in the 2020 US election. Global affairs VP Nick Clegg told Le Journal du Dimanche in an interview (via The Guardian and AFP) that Facebook had re…

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Facebook will label ads from politically connected publications

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With the 2020 presidential election coming up, Facebook is introducing a new policy that will require US-based publications connected with political parties, PACs and politicians to disclose their affiliation when they buy political ads.Facebo…

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Starbucks pauses all social media ads over hate speech concerns

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Starbucks is joining the chorus of major brands withdrawing ads from social networks to highlight complaints about online hate speech. The coffee chain announced it would “pause” ads on all social networking platforms, not just Facebook, while…

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The North Face pulls Facebook ads over hate and misinformation policies

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Criticism of Facebook’s approaches to hate speech and misinformation may hit the social network where it hurts the most: its finances. CNN reports that clothing brand The North Face has become the most recognizable company yet to join an advoc…

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Google is waiving ad serving fees for news publications

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Like so many other industries, journalism has been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. And yet it’s also one of those categories people depend on among the most during a time of crisis. Acknowledging the situation, Google has announced additional a…

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Google’s $800 million COVID-19 relief effort includes 2 million face masks

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Google’s support for the fight against COVID-19 includes more than advisories and a search hub. The internet firm is making a $800 million-plus investment in multiple areas to aid treatment, support businesses and keep the public informed. This inc…

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Mozilla combines tracker blocking with paid, ad-free browsing

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Last year, Mozilla partnered with Scroll — a subscription service that enables ad-free browsing of its partner publications — to analyze if a select group of users preferred paying a small fee rather than being served ads, and if the strateg…

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Facebook labels manipulated video of Biden ‘endorsing’ Trump as ‘partly false’

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Twitter isn’t the only one flagging a manipulated Trump video to warn users. Facebook has labeled a video of presidential hopeful Joe Biden appearing to endorse Trump as “partly false information,” citing independent fact-checking from Lead Stories….

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Facebook plans to clarify when pro-Bloomberg posts come from staffers

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Thanks to Mike Bloomberg, Facebook wants to make it more obvious when paid campaign staffers share posts promoting candidates, CNBC reports. This is a direct response to Bloomberg paying organizers to post on social media, but it could apply t…

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Google is cracking down on apps with ‘disruptive’ ads

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Google’s Play Store is a pretty open platform. While that can be a good thing for users and app developers, some bad actors can take advantage, either through malware or obnoxious ads. Today, the company announced that it has removed nearly 600 apps…

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Instagram brought in more money than YouTube in 2019

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There’s little doubt that Instagram is important to Facebook’s bottom line, but how big is it, really? It might be larger than you think. Bloomberg sources say Instagram racked up $20 billion in ad revenue in 2019, handily eclipsing YouTube’s $15.1…

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Jeep’s Super Bowl ad teases a powerful off-road electric bicycle

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Companies are tripping over themselves to hawk electric vehicles at the Super Bowl, but they aren’t all cars. Jeep has posted a Super Bowl ad that’s primarily meant to pitch the latest Gladiator, but also includes a brief glimpse of the company’s fi…

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LeBron James helps GMC pitch its Hummer EV in a Super Bowl ad

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GM thinks it has a simple way to drum up hype for its future GMC Hummer EV: give it the kind of celebrity endorsement that sports fans would notice. The brand is airing a teaser commercial during the Super Bowl (in the third quarter for US vi…

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Porsche’s first Super Bowl ad in 23 years is for the electric Taycan

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There have been Super Bowl ads for electric cars before, but they’ve tended to treat EVs as novelties. BMW’s 2015 ad for the i3 was practically a crash course in EVs, while Audi’s 2019 spot was more to advertise electrification than the still-unavai…

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How home assistants ruined us, an explanation

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Our situation became clear when my friend ran through Trader Joe’s screaming “ALEXA WHAT TIME IS IT?” This wasn’t a cringey mockumentary comedy segment. It’s the way we live now. I’m certain San Francisco’s sea of terrified Postmates and Prime delive…

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Ads on Facebook are spreading misinformation about anti-HIV drugs

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While many are focused on Facebook’s unwillingness to curb false political ads, there appears to be another misinformation campaign going unchecked. The Guardian and GLAAD have noted that personal injury law firms continue to run Facebook ads making…

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AT&T starts showing pause ads with motion and sound on DirecTV

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Since the end of last year, reports indicated that AT&T was planning to add pause ads to its video platforms. According to Variety, the telecom has flipped the switch. AT&T is currently testing the ads on DirecTV, its satellite…

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EU investigates Google data collection practices

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No, European antitrust regulators still aren’t done looking into Google’s practices. The European Commission told Reuters in a statement that it’s conducting a “preliminary investigation” into Google’s data collection. While it didn’t go into detai…

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YouTube will make it easier for ‘edgy’ creators to find advertisers

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YouTube has a tricky job of making sure ads don’t show up alongside videos promoting extremist, hateful views or violence, yet also making sure it doesn’t strip creators, who may post things like violent video game scenes, of their revenue-earning po…

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Brave says 8.7 million people use its privacy-focused browser every month

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Almost four years after its first release, privacy-focused web browser Brave is officially launching. Starting today, you can download version 1.0 of Brave on Android and iOS, as well as on Windows 10, macOS and Linux. With Brave 1.0, you can …

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