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After Math: We’re dreaming of escape and DJI drones

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As we face down the prospect of a second month in quarantine it’s perfectly understandable that people are feeling cooped up and stressed out with just a touch of cabin fever. But now is not the time to waver so stay home and let this week’s t…

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After Math: What to spend your stimulus check on

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Americans should have started receiving their $1,200 stimulus checks this week. For those of us who haven’t seen it either snatched by our banks or already spent it on trivial items like bills, food, medicine, and rent, have I got great news: …

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After Math: That’s something at least

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This week has been a real kick in the teeth. The UK actually stepped off the Brexit precipice while the US Congress barely went through the motions of Trump’s impeachment trial. Worst of all Elon Musk released a truly cringeworthy EDM track because s…

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After Math: The future of transportation is electrifying

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As we wrap up a week of LA Auto Show news, two themes become apparent: we are well on our way towards electric drivetrains being the rule rather than the exception, and you should always ensure that your unshatterable windows are indeed unshat…

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After Math: Things that shouldn’t cost this much

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Samsung unveiled the latest iterations its Galaxy Note line during which time the company showed off a plus-sized phone that costs more than a laptop — specifically, the brand new Book S laptop debuting at the same dang press conference. That ain’t…

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