Hitting the Books: How to fight gerrymandering with math

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Math is more than a bevy of equations that you learned in school and promptly forgot upon graduation — it is the language of our universe. Mathematics helps explain everything from the manner in which viruses spread to the speeds at which gala…

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Unpacking the TikTok algorithm: Three reasons why it’s the most addictive social network

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TikTok has taken the marketing world by storm with personalized content and unique design. Three algorithm features are making it the marketing tool brands can’t survive without.

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AI helps drone swarms navigate through crowded, unfamiliar spaces

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Drone swarms frequently fly outside for a reason: it’s difficult for the robotic fliers to navigate in tight spaces without hitting each other. Caltech researchers may have a way for those drones to fly indoors, however. They’ve developed a ma…

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ER docs don smart rings to better predict COVID-19 infections

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Some 2,000 emergency medical workers in San Francisco are tracking their temperature and other vitals with Oura’s smart rings in an attempt to limit the spread of COVID-19, SF Chronicle reports. Oura and researchers from the University of California…

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Intel’s neuromorphic chip learns to ‘smell’ 10 hazardous chemicals

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Of all the senses, scent is a particularly difficult one to teach AI, but that doesn’t stop researchers from trying. Most recently, researchers from Intel and Cornell University trained a neuromorphic chip to learn and recognize the scents of 10 haza…

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Microsoft disrupts a botnet that infected 9 million computers

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Today, Microsoft and partners from 35 countries took steps to disrupt a botnet behind the world’s largest cybercrime network. The botnet, Necurs, has infected an estimated nine million computers worldwide, and it’s one of the largest spam email netwo…

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YouTube’s tweaks to recommend fewer conspiracy videos seem to be working

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One of the most important aspects of YouTube is its recommendation engine, as the vast majority of views and watch time come from suggested content, rather than direct traffic. The platform does a good job of determining which videos would be …

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An algorithm could make CPUs a cheap way to train AI

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AI is the backbone of technologies such as Alexa and Siri — digital assistants that rely on deep machine learning to do their thing. But for the makers of these products — and others that rely on AI — getting them "trained" is an …

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Amazon’s search could push customers toward in-house products

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Amazon reportedly tweaked its product-search algorithm to favor products that are more profitable to the company. People who worked on the algorithm say the change could give Amazon’s own brands a boost, The Wall Street Journal reports. If Amazon is…

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This hip-hugging exosuit uses AI to make walking and running easier

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Robotic devices have been used to help people walk or run in rehabilitation settings, but until now, they’ve been tethered and limited to a single action, like walking or running. In a paper published in Science today, a team of researchers explain h…

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Facebook releases tools to flag harmful content on GitHub

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Facebook wants to rid the internet of garbage. But it can’t do that alone. So today, it’s making two of its photo- and video-flagging technologies open-source and available on GitHub. It hopes the algorithms will help others find and remove harmful c…

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DeepMind AI can predict kidney illness 48 hours before it occurs

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Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) kills 500,000 people in the US and 100,000 in the UK annually, often because it’s not detected soon enough. Researchers want to use AI to change that. DeepMind, the Alphabet-owned AI company, partnered with the US Department…

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A Bluetooth vulnerability could give hackers your location

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Your FitBit and other Bluetooth gadgets could be giving away your location data. Researchers from Boston University (BU) detected a vulnerability in several high-profile Bluetooth devices that could allow third-parties to determine your locati…

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Recommended Reading: Algorithms and school surveillance

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Aggression Detectors: The unproven, invasive surveillance technology schools are using to monitor students
Jack Gillum and Jeff Kao,

Following the rise in mass shootings, schools, hospitals and other public places are installing …

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MIT hopes to automatically ‘de-bias’ face detection AI

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There have been efforts to fight racist biases in face detection systems through better training data, but that usually involves a human manually supplying the new material. MIT’s CSAIL might have a better approach. It’s developing an algorithm tha…

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AI reveals hidden objects in the dark

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You might not see most objects in near-total darkness, but AI can. MIT scientists have developed a technique that uses a deep neural network to spot objects in extremely low light. The team trained the network to look for transparent pattern…

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LG’s automated craft beer system could make homebrewing much easier

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Given the phenomenal popularity of craft beers and ales sweeping bars across the globe, it’s surprising that homebrewing hasn’t yet taken off to the same levels. Sure, we’ve seen a number of systems touting the trend — Picobrew and Brewie are two th…

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Most Americans believe algorithms will always be biased

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If you’re convinced that many algorithms are biased, you’re not the only one. Pew has conducted a survey indicating that 58 percent of American adults believe algorithms and other programming will always contain some kind of human bias. That figure…

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Lockly’s smart locks promise better security through algorithms

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Lockly thinks it has what it takes to stand out in the nascent smart lock market. Its latest model, the Secure Plus, uses a 3D fingerprint sensor combined with proprietary algorithm-based passcode tech which, together, supposedly makes the set…

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Twitter’s shadow banning bug ‘unfairly filtered’ 600,000 accounts

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Twitter’s supposed account shadow banning, which the company says was a bug, was “unfairly filtering 600,000 accounts, including some members of Congress” in search auto-complete and results. CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed the figure during his opening st…

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