‘Airplane Mode’ will let you relive the monotony of economy class this fall

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If you spend any time at all on social media, you may have seen how much people have fallen in love with Microsoft’s latest Flight Simulator release. And it’s easy to see why. Not only is it a well-made title, accidental 212-story monolith and…

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Universal’s deal with AMC shortens theatrical exclusivity to 17 days

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In a pact that is likely to change the film industry, Universal and AMC have agreed to allow the studio’s movies to make their way to premium video-on-demand (PVOD) platforms after only 17 days of play at theaters. The agreement is a significant chan…

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AMC’s free streaming TV includes ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘MST3K’

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AMC is joining the ranks of high-profile TV networks in streaming shows for free during the COVID-19 pandemic. To start, it's making the first half of The Walking Dead's tenth season free to watch from the AMC website and apps …

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AMC Games’ first title is the intentionally boring ‘Airplane Mode’

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Desert Bus won’t be the only big name in town for games that are purposefully, excruciatingly boring. AMC is marking the start of its game publishing division by unveiling Airplane Mode, a game from Bacronym that tasks you with sitting through a nea…

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You can see ‘Gemini Man’ in 120 fps or 4K, but not both

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Ang Lee wants people to see his latest movie, Gemini Man, in 3D at 4K resolution and 120 frames per second. But it’ll be a tough ask to watch the Will Smith thriller that way if you’re in the US — it seems no American theaters will project it in the…

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The ‘Breaking Bad’ movie could debut on Netflix before it hits AMC

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It’s not clear when the long-awaited Breaking Bad movie will arrive, but you might be able to watch it on Netflix before it hits AMC. Variety reports the service could get first dibs in what would be a role reversal from the series, which initially a…

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WeChat, with 1 billion users, is now doing payments at 250 U.S. retailers

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Hundreds of  American retailers looking to wrest yen from the pocketbooks of the growing number of Chinese tourists visiting the United States are instead cashing out through smartphones. 

The post WeChat, with 1 billion users, is now doing payments at 250 U.S. retailers appeared first on Digiday.

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Sinemia will help movie theaters create their own subscription plans

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While MoviePass’ money woes have led it to change its service and its users’ plans a number of times, Sinemia seems to have avoided the issues that have plagued its rival. The company offers a number of plans, including an unlimited version as well a…

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AMC will install room-scale VR at six of its theaters by 2019

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Movie theater chain AMC is committing to virtual reality in a big way. The company has announced a $20 million investment in Dreamscape Immersive, a VR storytelling studio with a focus on room-scale installations and real-time motion tracking….

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WSJ: Discovery, AMC and Viacom try a sports-free streaming bundle

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The already crowded field of “skinny bundles” will soon feature another service vying for your attention (and wallet). As The Wall Street Journal reports, a host of broadcast networks are reportedly soft launching a new streaming platform stocked wit…

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万达买下北欧最大院线集团,再次纳入 1470 家影院

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万达继续扩大其在娱乐行业的版图,在院线扩张上不惜血本。大连万达集团旗下院线美国 AMC,昨日宣布以 9.3 亿美元收购北欧最大院线北欧院线集团(Nordic Cinema Group)。 最近几年,万达在全球持续并购其它院线。2012 年,万达出价 26 亿美元并购了美国 AMC 娱乐集团,去年又收购了制作” 蝙蝠侠”(Batman)以及” 侏罗纪世界”(Jurassic World)的传奇电影公司,价格为 35 亿美元。 2016 年,万达再下一城,以 10 亿美元的价格收购了操作金球奖的 Dick Clark Productions 公司即 DCP,几乎与此同时,AMC 收购了位于伦敦的欧典院线集团,出资约 12 亿欧元。 据悉,北欧院线集团在北欧地区拥有 118 家影院、664 块银幕,遍布北欧近 50 个主要城市,在芬兰、瑞典、爱沙尼亚、挪威、拉脱维亚及立陶宛等国家市场份额排名第一。并购后,AMC 在北美及欧洲 15 个国家,将拥有 1000 家戏院、1.1 万块银幕。而万达集团总计有 1470 间影城,超过 1.5 万块银幕,将逐步巩固其市场地位。 万达集团董事长王健林日前在公司年度工作会议上表示,目前万达在全球电影市场的市占率为 12%,万达整个电影产业在 2020 年将获利 100 亿人民币,并达到全球发行电影能力。经过这轮的并购,万达在全球电影市场的市场占有率正在向 20%迈进。

本文 万达买下北欧最大院线集团,再次纳入 1470 家影院 来自 动点科技.

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