Vizio’s latest TVs add FreeSync, 120Hz 4K gaming support

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With new game consoles just around the corner and PC GPUs delivering high-res graphics at 120fps, Vizio is rolling out an update for 2021 SmartCast-enabled TVs with its ProGaming Engine tech built-in. While Vizio mentioned HDMI 2.1 support in …

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Apple finally offers a reasonably priced graphics upgrade for the Mac Pro

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Apple has teased the prospect of a more affordable GPU upgrade for the Mac Pro for months, and now it’s finally here. As 9to5Mac noticed, you can now configure the Mac Pro with one or two Radeon Pro W5700X video cards, each with 16GB of memory…

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A hacker stole and leaked the Xbox Series X graphics source code

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AMD has been having a particularly rough few months, apparently. The chip designer has revealed that a hacker stole test files for a "subset" of current and upcoming graphics hardware, some of which had been posted online before the…

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Microsoft’s DirectX 12 Ultimate brings ray tracing effects to more games

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More efforts are underway to bring ray traced visuals to more of your games. Microsoft has introduced a DirectX 12 Ultimate framework that makes ray tracing and other visual effects both more efficient and more flexible. A new inline ray tr…

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AMD CPUs for the past 9 years are vulnerable to data leak attacks

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It’s not just Intel chips that are vulnerable to hard-to-fix security flaws. Researchers at the Graz University of Technology have detailed a pair of side channel attacks under the “Take A Way” name that can leak data from AMD processors dating back…

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The best gadgets of 2019

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It’s the end of the year, and everyone from Santa to Time is making lists. Engadget is no different. Each year, we take stock of the hits and misses from the past twelve months to inform us as we look ahead. But as we hurtle towards the close of a de…

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AMD’s new Radeon software offers game streaming away from home

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AMD is finishing 2019 with a big software update, particularly for gamers who’d rather not leave their PC games at home. It just released Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020, and the most eye-catching feature is support for game streaming to phones over…

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Are the Radeon RX 5700 and 5700 XT ideal GPUs for your gaming PC?

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In the battle of graphics cards, AMD and NVIDIA have been duking it out for space in your custom-built gaming tower. With the release of the Radeon RX 5700 and 5700 XT, AMD threw down two solid mid-range offerings showcasing its Navi architect…

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Surface Laptop 3 review (15-inch): Bigger, but not always better 

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The 15″ Surface Laptop 3 is a bit of a chameleon. It looks a lot like 13″ Surface Laptop that we know and love, but under the hood it’s another story entirely. Microsoft worked together with AMD to create a custom Ryzen chip with Radeon RX Vega g…

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Intel discontinues its processors with AMD graphics

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If you suspected Intel processors with AMD graphics weren’t long for this world, you guessed correctly. Intel has discontinued its Core i7 processors based on Kaby Lake-G, explaining to chip buyers that market interest has “shifted to other Intel pro…

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Is AMD’s RDNA graphics technology ready to power next-gen consoles?

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Welcome to the latest episode of Upscaled, our explainer show where we look at the components that make our tech faster. In this episode, we’re taking a close look at AMD’s RDNA graphics architecture. AMD’s previous architecture, GCN, powered the…

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AMD Ryzen 3000 systems need a BIOS fix for Linux, ‘Destiny 2’ issues

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Last week AMD officially released its new Ryzen 3000 Series CPUs and Radeon RX 5700 graphics cards, but there’s a small problem with the CPUs. As some Linux users quickly noticed, there’s an issue with newer distributions based on 5.0 or higher that…

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Radeon RX 5700 and 5700 XT review: AMD brings the fight back to NVIDIA

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The unveiling of the Radeon 5000 family and Ryzen third-gen chips at Computex made it clear this was going to be a special year for AMD. Its latest CPUs include a monster 12-core chip for just $499. And with its latest video cards, the Radeon …

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AMD will share its graphics technology with Samsung

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AMD stole the spotlight at Computex 2019, where it shared details on its third generation Ryzen CPUs and first Navi GPUs. But that’s not the only big news AMD has in store. Today, the company announced a multi-year partnership with Samsung, in which…

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AMD isn’t ruling out ray tracing for its new Radeon RX 5000 GPUs

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AMD finally unveiled its first Navi-based “RDNA” video cards this morning, the Radeon RX 5000-series. But, curiously, it’s still keeping plenty of details under wraps. In particular, the company hasn’t said anything definitive on real-time ray tracin…

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AMD’s third-gen Ryzen 9 CPU is a 12-core powerhouse for $499

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AMD just dropped the mic when it comes to ultra-fast consumer CPUs. At Computex today, AMD CEO Lisa Su introduced the company’s third-generation Ryzen CPUs, which are also the world’s first 7-nanometer desktop chips. Its crown jewel is the 12-core/24…

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