Chinese hackers impersonated McAfee to attack election campaign staffers

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Google warned in June that state-sponsored hackers were targeting 2020 US election campaigns, and now it’s outlining some of the methods those perpetrators used. APT31, a group linked to China, impersonated McAfee (the antivirus software, not …

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Windows’ built-in antivirus tool can run in a secure sandbox

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Antivirus programs, by their nature, introduce a degree of risk. Since they have to scan malicious data to stop attacks (and thus need extensive permissions), a piece of malware that exploits antivirus flaws can typically run with impunity. …

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Kaspersky sues US government over federal software ban

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To no one’s surprise, Kaspersky Lab isn’t happy that the US government has banned its software over the potential for Russian influence. The security firm has sued the Trump administration to challenge the ban, arguing that the Department of Homeland…

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Microsoft is making Windows 10 security easier

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It’s easy to mock bad passwords and phishing scam victims, but PC security is hard to grok for the average user. That’s why Microsoft is introducing the Windows Defender Security Center as part of the Windows 10 Creators Update coming in April. Withi…

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