autonomouscars’s driver assist system is a robot chauffeur for the rest of us

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Autonomous vehicle technology is just starting to go mainstream, which means, for the most part, it’s still only available to those who can afford a Tesla with Autopilot or a Cadillac with SuperCruise. Both of those cars start at around 60 to 7…

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Can Tesla avoid becoming the BlackBerry of electric cars?

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It wasn’t that long ago that the idea of a semi-autonomous, or even an electric car driving on public roads was incredibly far-fetched. Sure, there were hybrids from companies like Toyota and Honda, but nothing that anyone with a straight face would…

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Columbia researchers might have the key to wireless VR

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The millimeter wave frequency has the potential to do a lot. So far it’s helping power 5G cell networks, but research from Columbia Engineering could expand that to self-driving cars and virtual reality headsets. It’s a little dense, but the key bit…

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Cadillac’s Super Cruise maps are key to our robotaxi future

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Cadillac is doing something new with LiDAR. Instead of sticking a puck on its cars, it’s using the sensors to map the highways of the United States and Canada and geofence its semi-autonomous Super Cruise feature, instead of letting drivers use it an…

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A 114-year old Mercedes has more in common with a Tesla than you think

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I’m extremely nervous to be behind the wheel of the 1902 model (built in 1903) Mercedes Simplex 40. The controls and open air sitting position remind me more of a John Deere tractor than the cars that currently fill our cities and interstates. After…

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Audi knows millenials will have to deal with self-driving boredom

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During Audi’s elaborate introduction of its new (Level 3 autonomous) A8 in Barcelona, it also talked about the 25th Hour, a research project it says will “define the premium mobility of the future.” Simply put, now that you’re not driving, what do yo…

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Audi takes its self-driving car where others dare not go

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The self-driving future has a ratings scale. The classifications begin at zero, where you’re constantly in charge of all the car’s acceleration, steering and braking. Basically a car without cruise control. It ends with Level 5, where the car that do…

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A car-tracking dongle could make self-driving systems better

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George Hotz is intrigued by artificial intelligence. The man who hacked the iPhone and PlayStation 3 as a kid, has moved on to self driving cars with his company Comma AI because of the autonomous vehicle technology’s reliance on machine learning. Af…

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It takes a smart city to make cars truly autonomous

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Artificial intelligence is driving the autonomous car. Coupled with robust computers, automobiles of the future will be more powerful than any other device we own. But they’ll only be as powerful as their surrounding allows. If your vehicle doesn’t k…

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Self-driving cars could soon be cheaper and easier to build

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There’s no shortage of companies working on artificial intelligence for cars. If anything there’s a glut. Every automaker and startup seems to be building a nearly sentient system designed to operate cars and avoid objects (especially humans). AImoti…

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The Future IRL: Our Jetsons future has arrived

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Fictional housekeeping robots and the flying smart cars in The Fifth Element have inspired technologists to keep pushing the bounds of electronics for years, which is how we’ve gotten video chatting and bluetooth in our cars. But pop culture has also…

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