Google is testing an AI system to help vision-impaired people run races

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Google is testing an artificial intelligence system designed to help blind and vision-impaired people to run races by themselves. Project Guideline, which is an early-phase research program, is an attempt to give those people more independence…

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Naughty Dog details the extensive accessibility in ‘The Last of Us Part II’

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Naughty Dog declared that The Last of Us Part II would be one of the most accessible games yet in a recent interview with The Verge, but it’s now clear exactly how far the studio was willing to go to make sure people could play. The developer …

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Bose Frames work with Microsoft’s navigation tech for the blind

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When they came out last year, the Bose Frames were an interesting, albeit unfinished showcase of what a company could do by fusing together smartglasses and headphones. We didn’t think Bose’s experiment was a consistent success, but clearly the weara…

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Alexa’s Show and Tell feature IDs objects for blind and low-vision users

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For people with vision impairments, figuring out what’s in a can or jar of food without opening it can be difficult or impossible. Amazon thinks it has a solution to that and other daily challenges that its blind and low-vision users face. Today, the…

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AR technology helps the blind navigate by making objects ‘talk’

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If you’re blind, finding your way through a new area can sometimes be challenging. In the future, though, you might just need to wear a headset. Caltech researchers have developed a Cognitive Augmented Reality Assistant (CARA) that uses Microsoft’s…

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Flat microscope for the brain could help restore lost eyesight

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You’d probably prefer that doctors restore lost sight or hearing by directly repairing your eyes and ears, but Rice University is one step closer to the next best thing: transmitting info directly to your brain. It’s developing a flat microscope (th…

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