GM’s cheaper, adaptable Ultium batteries are key to its EV future

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The success of an electric car frequently revolves around its batteries, and GM is determined to have some of the best. It just revealed new Ultium batteries that it claims will deliver the range and performance to make EVs practical for &quot…

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GM will help Chevy EV owners find certified home charger installers

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General Motors wants to make it easier for Chevy EV-owners to charge their vehicles at home. Customers will soon be able to visit the Charging Page and search for certified charger installers. They’ll be able to fill in details about th…

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TiVo will add apps for smart TV boxes and WiFi for Mini this year

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It’s been a few years since TiVo released a limited app for Amazon’s Fire TV platform, but as it promised last year, the next-generation platform will reach third-party boxes. Those include not only Fire TV (and Android) but also Roku and eventually…

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The Senate is considering extending EV tax credits

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As US senate majority leader Mitch McConnell debates making cuts to social security and medicare, Senator Dean Heller (R) of Nevada is hoping to keep electric car sales zipping forward with a new bill that would extend tax credits until 2022.

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GM faces lawsuit over self-driving car collision

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Self-driving car manufacturers dread lawsuits over crashes due to questions of liability, and GM is about to learn just how problematic they can be. Oscar Nilsson has sued GM after a December collision between his motorcycle and one of the company’s…

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What you need to know before buying an EV

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It’s an exciting time for the automotive world. Over the past 15 years, cars have gone from relatively dumb machines that get us to our destinations to electrified, connected gadgets. In the coming decade, the technology being developed by traditiona…

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GM is beta testing a ride-hailing app for autonomous EVs

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General Motors acquired Cruise Automation last year to boost its self-driving car efforts. Cruise made kits that turned Audi S4 or A4 vehicles into autonomous vehicles, and the company’s know-how helped GM’s plans to place more than 300 driverless ca…

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The rise of electric cars will kill the gas station

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Gas stations are a lifeline. They not only fuel our cars but us, too — whether it’s with lukewarm coffee during the morning commute or the salty-sweet buffet during road trips. They’re a glowing oasis when the gas tank is empty and our bladders are…

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The Chevy Bolt makes green driving fun

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I’ve driven the Chevy Bolt a few times. At CES, briefly in San Francisco, and after a tour of the GM plant where the electric car will be assembled. But all those tests were in pre-production vehicles. Sure, they were working cars, but they weren’t q…

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