iHeart will turn podcasts into books starting with ‘Stuff You Should know’

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Plenty of people listen to podcasts on their commute and during work, but iHeartMedia is hoping they can squeeze even more podcast consumption into their days — possibly before they nod off. The company partnered with Flatiron Books to create…

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Google search pays tribute to ‘Wizard of Oz’ with a dizzying Easter egg

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Google isn’t reserving its movie-themed Easter eggs for the latest blockbusters. The internet giant is marking the 80th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz with an Easter egg that reflects the rather turbulent ways Dorothy enters and exits Oz. Search f…

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What we’re buying: ‘Typeset in the Future’

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This week, Senior Editor Kris Naudus takes a look at a book that will please both sci-fi nerds and design geeks. ‘Typeset in the Future’ explores the typography and design in science fiction movies such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Trek, and more.

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The best ways to track your TV, music and reading habits

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We’ve all done it: browsed friends’ bookshelves, riffled through their vinyl collection or peeked through a stack of video games left in front of their TV. You can learn a lot about people based on what media they consume and leave lying around their…

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Teach valuable STEM skills with electronic papercraft noisemakers

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*Hitches up onion belt* Now back in my day, our papercraft activity books just folded up into something pretty. And we liked it that way. But you kids, with your Nintendoodads and Snapcharts, well that just isn’t good enough, is it? No, your paper-ba…

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Xprize enlists sci-fi authors and filmmakers to map our future

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Science fiction has been instrumental in creating the future from the very beginning. Real-life manipulator hands, originally created for the nuclear industry, were named after Robert Heinlein’s short story, “Waldo.” It makes a lot of sense, then, th…

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UK bookstore tweets entire ‘Harry Potter’ novel at Piers Morgan

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J.K. Rowling is famously outspoken on Twitter, a lesson Piers Morgan is now learning the hard way. On a recent episode of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Morgan spoke in favor of President Donald Trump’s travel ban, according to The Huffington Post….

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