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Why buy the cow when you can biofabricate the milk for free?

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Thought to have been Lord Krishna’s favorite animal, the cow has achieved a uniquely sacred status in India. Their slaughter is prohibited through most of the country, beef consumption is largely outlawed as well and woe be the unlucky soul accused o…

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Robot caregivers are saving the elderly from lives of loneliness

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Relying on 300-pound bear-faced robots to help nursing home residents get out of bed in the morning is much more effective if those folks actually have a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Elderly people dealing with social isolation and…

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Facebook is closing half of Oculus pop-ups in Best Buy stores

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Facebook is shutting down 200 of its 500 Oculus VR pop-up stores from Best Buy locations around the country due, in large part, to underwhelming interest from the public. Per pop-up workers speaking to Business Insider, some of these kiosks would “go…

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