China’s revamped law bans online services that ‘induce addiction’ in kids

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China is implementing stricture measures in its bid to keep kids away from addictive digital content. The state-backed news agency Xinhua reported (via Reuters) that China has voted for revamped law that will ban internet products and services…

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Spotify’s standalone Kids app is now available in the US

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When Spotify first launched its standalone app for kids last October, the possibilities were intriguing. It meant that parents could play music their kids like without having it impact their algorithmically generated playlists and recommendati…

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Amazon’s Fire tablets for kids are back to their lowest-ever pricing

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Now might be a good time to go shopping if you’re looking for a tablet to keep your kids entertained and educated. Amazon has dropped the prices on its Kids Edition tablets to Black Friday levels, making them tempting options if you’re looking for a…

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Apple vows to fix its easily defeated iPhone parental controls

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iOS 13.3 just arrived recently with new parental controls, particularly a feature called Communication Limits. It’s designed to block children from communicating with people not in their contacts unless their parents let them by entering a code. Howe…

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Law enforcement shuts down largest known child porn site on the dark web

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The US just scored a significant coup against crime on the dark web. Federal agents and international partners have taken down Welcome To Video, believed to be the largest child pornography darknet site to date based on its sheer volume of co…

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Technology alone won’t make your kids smarter

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Ever plop your kids in front of some purportedly educational screen-based thing because you need 15 minutes of peace? Maybe, like me, you say to yourself, “It’s 15 minutes. It’s an educational app. It’s not so bad. I just need to start dinner.” There…

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Blipblox is a synth made for kids that adults will like too

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Blipblox is a synthesizer designed for children. The company behind it, Playtime Engineering, even calls it a toy. And it certainly looks like one. It’s made out of bright, glossy, primary-colored plastic. The large knobs and buttons are cle…

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Facebook’s Messenger Kids app lets children start friend requests

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Facebook’s Messenger Kids app has so far been strict about adding friends. Early on, it even required that children count their parents as friends. The social network is ready to loosen things up, however… if only a bit. It’s giving its Android…

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Facebook offers educators lessons to teach kids online responsibility

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It’s important for all of us to stay safe and act responsibly when we’re online, and that holds doubly true for young people. To help educators teach kids how to be more mindful when they use the internet, Facebook has released a batch of resources i…

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Verizon adds location tracking to its parental control app

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Verizon announced today that it’s revamping its parental controls, introducing more capabilities and giving the app a new look. What was known as FamilyBase will now be called Verizon Smart Family and it lets parents set content filters, manage scree…

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Karlie Kloss’ coding camp covers more cities and languages this year

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Kode with Klossy, Karlie Kloss’ coding camp for girls, is expanding this year. Last year, the program offered 15 camps in 12 cities, but this summer, it’s running 50 camps in 25 cities and will teach 1,000 young women between the ages of 13 and 18 ab…

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littleBits and Pearson bring electronics kits to US schools

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The littleBits team has long been eager to teach kids about the joys of building electronics, and it’s taking that commitment to its logical conclusion. It’s partnering with Pearson on the STEM Invention Toolbox, a kit that teaches students at varyin…

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