The latest Chrome OS update improves accessibility on Chromebooks

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Google has released Chrome OS 86, which will bring more accessibility options to Chromebooks. You can change the color of your cursor in the mouse and touchpad settings. The seven new hues are red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta and pink. …

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Chrome will soon let you know if a web form is unsecure

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Google is going a step further to protect people’s information when they try to submit details through unsecured web forms. Starting in the M86 build, Chrome will raise a red flag on forms that are on secure HTTPS pages, but aren’t actually su…

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Microsoft Edge becomes the second most popular desktop web browser

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Microsoft's gamble on a Chromium-based Edge browser appears to have paid off, at least in the short term. Bleeping Computer noted that Edge is now the second most popular desktop web browser based on usage, with NetMarketShare giving …

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Google resumes Chrome updates on a modified schedule

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Google is ready to restore some semblance of normalcy to its browser release strategy after pausing Chrome updates to adjust to the work-from-home realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is resuming releases for Chrome and Chrome OS o…

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Google pauses Chrome updates to limit issues while teams work remotely

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Google announced today that it is pausing upcoming Chrome and Chrome OS releases due to adjusted work schedules. The goal, Google said in a tweet, is to ensure the releases "continue to be stable, secure, & reliable for anyone who…

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Chrome will start protecting users from insecure downloads in April

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Google Chrome will soon deliver on last year’s promise to better protect users from insecure content — downloads not encrypted via HTTPS — on otherwise secure pages. Chrome 82, which will be released in April, will be the first version of Google’s…

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Google Stadia plans to add over 120 games in 2020

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When Google Stadia launched in November, it didn’t garner an overwhelming reception, but it didn’t exactly flop, either. It’s a competent product that lets gamers play new titles with a modest investment in hardware. Just open up Chrome, an app or tu…

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Chrome beta helps you find offline-friendly files in web apps

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Sophisticated web apps can make videos and other files available offline, but finding that media is tricky if the website doesn’t give you an easy way to find it. Soon, though, that search might be trivial. Google has released a Chrome 80 beta whos…

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