The Decode app spots fakes with NFC

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The global trade of counterfeit goods reportedly rakes in half a trillion dollars per year, which isn’t good for anyone. (Except for the counterfeiters themselves, I suppose.) As the fakes industry continues to grow, brands are looking to technologi…

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Amazon needs to get a handle on its counterfeit problem

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Chances are you wouldn’t suspect whatever you’re buying from Amazon, whether that be clothing, sunglasses or a handbag, is fake. And, for the most part, that tends to true. But that doesn’t mean you should trust that every product is legit. In fact,…

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Google took down nearly 2 billion ‘bad ads’ in 2016

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Sketchy advertisers are all over the internet, and Google is doing everything it can to stop them from scamming users. According to a recent report on the matter, the search giant removed 1.7 billion ads from its advertising platform in 2016, …

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