Adobe brings clipping masks and better brush management to Fresco

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Adobe has updated its Fresco drawing app with a bunch more features. There’s a clipping masks tool that will allow you to capture certain parts of your drawing and move them to another layer or layer group. That way, you can continue to work on your…

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Adobe’s Premiere Rush CC video editing app arrives on Android

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Adobe has brought Premiere Rush CC to Android after debuting the video editing app on iOS, macOS and Windows last year. However, you’ll need a recent Android device to run the app, such as from the Google Pixel 2 and 3, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S10, Gal…

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Adobe’s ‘Fast Mask’ can edit one object across an entire video clip

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Last night at Adobe Max’s Sneaks session, a showcase unveiling potential software features, comedian Tiffany Haddish and Adobe evangelist Paul Trani announced ten new tools that the company is exploring. The sneaks run the gamut from fun voice-to-mus…

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Adobe Photoshop CC for iPad promises ‘real’ mobile image editing

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You might have noticed that Adobe’s slew of announcements at its MAX conference made a reference to Photoshop CC coming for iPad. As it turns out, it’s a pretty big announcement — and it might just change how you edit images on the go. The upcomin…

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Adobe offers schools Creative Cloud licenses for $5/year

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Adobe has been slowly moving its apps and services to the cloud since 2013. If you use any of the company’s creative products — like Photoshop, Illustrator or Lightroom — you probably already purchase them via a subscription, which can ru…

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Adobe Lightroom uses AI to edit your photos like a pro

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Many photo editing apps have an auto-adjust feature that can improve photos, but pros tend to steer clear of it for a reason — it’s more of a vague guess than an informed edit based on experience. Wouldn’t it be nice if it learned from the pros? I…

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The best apps and streaming services for students

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It’s true that most of Engadget’s back-to-school guide has comprised, well, gadgets, but as every nerd knows, a piece of hardware is only as good as the software it runs. That’s why, to close out our guide, we wanted to highlight some apps and servic…

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Adobe’s Creative Cloud Android apps are coming to Chromebooks

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There has been a lot of chatter over Chromebooks running Android apps in recent months and creative types are about to get a handful of new tools. Adobe announced today that as part of a beta for Chrome OS devices that launches this month, it …

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