Microsoft: No more Windows 10 upgrades for some Atom-based PCs

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Everyone knows that technology goes obsolete quickly, but Microsoft and Intel are taking that tenet too far for some folks. Owners of three- to four-year-old “Clover Trail” Atom-based PCs like the HP Envy X2 laptop noticed that they were unable to up…

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Windows 10 will remind you to install the latest major update

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Are you still running the original version of Windows 10? Microsoft is about to offer a not-so-subtle hint that it’s time to move on. The software giant has revealed that it will start sending notifications to users who are still using Windows 10 v…

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Windows 10’s upgraded mapping helps you plan elaborate routes

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You likely know that Microsoft packed a lot of improvements into the Windows 10 Creators Update, but there are still a few surprises left… particularly if you use Windows’ built-in navigation app to get from A to B. Microsoft has detailed Creators’…

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Only a handful of Windows phones will get the latest update

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Virtually every Windows 10 PC can get the Creators Update, but phone owners won’t be so fortunate. Microsoft has revealed that only some Windows 10 Mobile devices will receive the Creators Update when it’s ready. The company’s own Lumia devices are…

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Windows 10 can set up a PC using your voice

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Windows installations have come a long way over a few decades. It used to be that you had to hand-hold the system, but it’s increasingly automatic — you can even nuke an existing install with relative ease. And now, you don’t even need to touch the…

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Creators Update includes a few features for Windows Defender

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Microsoft’s built-in security suite for Windows isn’t getting left out of the upcoming Creators Update for Windows 10. The new Windows Defender features start with memory and kernel sensors to detect nefarious activity going on in those parts of your…

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Indie devs can publish on Xbox without Microsoft’s help

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It wasn’t too long ago that Microsoft released an update that turned every Xbox One into a software development kit. Now, hobbyist developers will have a platform for publishing their wares on the console. It’s called the Xbox Live Creator’s Program.

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Microsoft is making Windows 10 security easier

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It’s easy to mock bad passwords and phishing scam victims, but PC security is hard to grok for the average user. That’s why Microsoft is introducing the Windows Defender Security Center as part of the Windows 10 Creators Update coming in April. Withi…

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