Over 267 million Facebook users reportedly had data exposed online

By bob diachenko, breach, comparitech, data privacy, database, engadget, exposed, facebook, gear, hack, Internet, names, phone numbers, privacy, records, scraping, Security, security researcher, unsecured, user id

More than 267 million Facebook users allegedly had their user IDs, phone numbers and names exposed online, according to a report from Comparitech and security researcher Bob Diachenko. That info was found in a database that could be accessed w…

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FISA court: FBI use of NSA’s electronic surveillance data was illegal

By americans, constitution, court, database, engadget, FBI, foreign intelligence surveillance act, foreign intelligence surveillance court, Fourth Amendment, gear, intelligence, politics, prism, privacy, ruling, search, section 702, section702, Security, surveillance, tomorrow, US, violated

A US court ruled that some of the FBI’s electronic surveillance activities violated the constitutional privacy rights of Americans. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) deemed that FBI officials improperly searched a National Security A…

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App allows citizen scientists to track monarch butterfly migration

By app, butterflies, butterfly, citizen scientists, collector for arcgis, database, decline, east coast, engadget, extinction, gear, gis, green, insect, Migration, model, monarch, population, prediction, Research, testing, tracking, validation

If you’ve ever pulled out your phone to take a picture of a butterfly, researchers want your help. A team from the University of Maine is using an app that lets citizens scientists along the East Coast take photos of monarch butterfly migration sites…

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Unsecured database exposed millions of Instagram influencers

By anurag sen, brands, Business, celebrities, chtrbox, contact information, data, database, engadget, exposed, facebook, gear, Influencers, instagram, Internet, password, scraped, Security

A database containing contact information for millions of Instagram influencers was reportedly found online, exposing info like phone numbers and email addresses for celebrities, influencers and brand accounts. According to TechCrunch, the dat…

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Florida governor says Russians accessed voter databases in 2016

By database, election interference, electioninterference, engadget, Florida, gear, hack, hackers, politics, rick scott, rickscott, ron desantis, rondesantis, russia, russian hackers, russianhackers, Security, voter database, voterdatabase, voters

Hackers from Russia gained access to voter databases in two Florida counties before the 2016 presidential election, Gov. Ron DeSantis said. While the hackers didn’t compromise election results or manipulate any data, the fact that they gained access…

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A Chinese company is making the cloud 200x faster

By Alibaba Cloud, Aliyun, Cloud Computing, database, Features, MongoDB, mysql, Qing Cloud, Qingqyun, technode, Terark, TerarkDB

Our cloud-covered world could be in for a storm. Beijing-based tech company Terark has developed algorithms that allow databases to run up to 200x faster by compressing their data further. On top of that, their algorithm also allows reading the data without having to decompress it. This means one server running TerarkDB can do the […]

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FBI’s facial recognition database is dangerously inaccurate

By Culture, database, engadget, facialrecognition, FBI, gao, georgetown university law center, government accountability office, house oversight committee, houseoversightcommittee, jason chaffetz, politics, u.s. house of representatives, united states congressional committee

Despite law enforcement’s attempt to conceal its existence, it’s no secret that half of Americans over the age of 18 — 117 million people in total — are part of a massive facial recognition database, their personal information culled from DMV files…

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