Recommended Reading: Zoom’s security struggles

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‘Every day is a crisis’: Zoom boosts its security as scrutiny growsCyrus Farivar and Jo Ling Kent, NBC NewsAs many of us are working and attending school from home, Zoom has become a popular vehicle for video meetings and classroom sessions. During t…

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Facebook helped Reuters create an online course on identifying deepfakes

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Reuters has released a new 45-minute online course designed to help give journalists the tools they need to spot and avoid sharing manipulated pictures, videos and audio clips. While deepfakes are obviously a major component of the material, there’s…

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Recommended Reading: Algorithms and school surveillance

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Aggression Detectors: The unproven, invasive surveillance technology schools are using to monitor students
Jack Gillum and Jeff Kao,

Following the rise in mass shootings, schools, hospitals and other public places are installing …

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Recommended Reading: Fighting deepfakes

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Top AI researchers race to detect ‘deepfake’ videos: ‘We are outgunned’
Drew Harwell,
The Washington Post

The 2016 US presidential election was plagued by fake news and election meddling across the internet. With the rise of so-called deepfake tec…

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Scarlett Johansson says fighting deepfake porn is ‘fruitless’

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Scarlett Johansson knows better than most how horrible a place the internet can be. She’s been the victim of leaks before where private photos have ended up publicly available. And now she’s been targeted by a new kind of harasser, ones that use arti…

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