Stanford AI found nearly every solar panel in the US

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It would be impractical to count the number of solar panels in the US by hand, and that makes it difficult to gauge just how far the technology has really spread. Stanford researchers have a solution: make AI do the heavy lifting. They’ve crafted a d…

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NVIDIA’s $1,100 AI brain for robots goes on sale

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NVIDIA’s plan to power autonomous robots has kicked off in earnest. The company has released a Jetson AGX Xavier Module that gives robots and other intelligent machines the processing oomph they need for their AI ‘brains.’ You’re not about to buy one…

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AI reveals hidden objects in the dark

By AI, algorithm, artificialintelligence, astronomy, biology, cameras, computervision, deeplearning, engadget, gear, imaging, medicine, mit, neuralnetwork, personal computing, personalcomputing, science

You might not see most objects in near-total darkness, but AI can. MIT scientists have developed a technique that uses a deep neural network to spot objects in extremely low light. The team trained the network to look for transparent pattern…

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AI faithfully recreates paintings with the help of 3D printing

By 3dprinter, 3dprinting, AI, art, artificialintelligence, csail, deeplearning, engadget, gear, machinelearning, mit, mitcsail, painting, repaint, robots, video

It’s easy to get a basic reproduction of a painting, but getting a truly accurate copy is harder than you think. Modern 2D printers typically only have four inks to work with, which simply won’t do if you’re trying to mimic a classic. Researchers at…

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AI faithfully recreates paintings with the help of 3D printing

By 3dprinter, 3dprinting, AI, art, artificialintelligence, csail, deeplearning, engadget, gear, machinelearning, mit, mitcsail, painting, repaint, robots, video

It’s easy to get a basic reproduction of a painting, but getting a truly accurate copy is harder than you think. Modern 2D printers typically only have four inks to work with, which simply won’t do if you’re trying to mimic a classic. Researchers at…

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Google AI can spot advanced breast cancer more effectively than humans

By AI, breastcancer, cancer, computervision, deeplearning, engadget, gear, googleai, health, machinelearning, medicine, science, tomorrow, tumor

Google has delivered further evidence that AI could become a valuable ally in detecting cancer. The company’s researchers have developed a deep learning tool that can spot metastatic (advanced) breast cancer with a greater accuracy than pathologists…

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Deezer’s AI mood detection could lead to smarter song playlists

By AI, deeplearning, deezer, engadget, gear, Internet, machinelearning, mood, neuralnetwork, personal computing, personalcomputing, robots, science, services

Astute listeners know that you can’t gauge a song’s mood solely through the instrumentation or the lyrics, but that’s often what AI has been asked to do — and that’s not much help if you’re trying to sift through millions of songs to find something…

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Google offers AI toolkit to report child sex abuse images

By AI, artificialintelligence, computervision, deeplearning, engadget, gear, google, Internet, machinelearning, neuralnetwork, pedophile, pedophiles, safety, sexualabuse

Numerous organizations have taken on the noble task of reporting pedophilic images, but it’s both technically difficult and emotionally challenging to review vast amounts of the horrific content. Google is promising to make this process easier. It’…

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AI-altered video makes it look like you can dance

By AI, artificialintelligence, dance, dancing, deeplearning, engadget, gear, machinelearning, personal computing, personalcomputing, ucberkeley, video

Can’t pop-lock or Lindy Hop to save your life? Don’t worry — AI could soon make it look like you’re a dance superstar. UC Berkeley researchers have developed a deep learning system that translates dance moves from a source video to less-than-experie…

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Fox AI predicts a movie’s audience based on its trailer

By 20thcenturyfox, AI, algorithm, computervision, deeplearning, engadget, fox, gear, movies, nvidia, personal computing, personalcomputing, robots, tensorflow, teslap100, trailer

Modern movie trailers are already cynical exercises in attention grabbing (such as the social media-friendly burst of imagery at the start of many clips), but they might be even more calculated in the future. Researchers at 20th Century Fox ha…

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Experimental drone uses AI to spot violence in crowds

By AI, artificialintelligence, deeplearning, drone, Drones, engadget, gear, lawenforcement, machinelearning, objectrecognition, robots, science, surveillance, video

Drone-based surveillance still makes many people uncomfortable, but that isn’t stopping research into more effective airborne watchdogs. Scientists have developed an experimental drone system that uses AI to detect violent actions in crowds. The te…

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Facebook trained image recognition AI with billions of Instagram pics

By AI, av, computervision, deeplearning, engadget, f82018, facebook, gear, hashtag, imagerecognition, instagram, personal computing, personalcomputing

Training deep learning models to recognize images, as well as objects within those images, takes quite a bit of effort. Often, each training image has to be labeled by humans and when you’re using millions of images, that process becomes rather labor…

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NVIDIA’s AI fixes photos by recognizing what’s missing

By AI, computervision, deeplearning, engadget, gear, imagerecognition, machinelearning, neuralnetwork, nvidia, personal computing, personalcomputing, photoediting, photography, science

Most image editing tools aren’t terribly bright when you ask them to fix a photo. They’ll borrow content from adjacent pixels (such as Adobe’s recently demonstrated context-aware AI fill), but they can’t determine what should have been there — and…

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Google made an AR microscope that can help detect cancer

By AI, augmentedreality, av, cancer, deeplearning, engadget, gadgetry, Gadgets, gear, google, machinelarning, medicine, microscope, neuralnetwork, video

In a talk given today at the American Association for Cancer Research’s annual meeting, Google researchers described a prototype of an augmented reality microscope that could be used to help physicians diagnose patients. When pathologists are analyzi…

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Google AI can pick out voices in a crowd

By AI, artificialintelligence, computervision, deeplearning, engadget, facerecognition, gear, google, Internet, looktolisten, machinelearning, personal computing, personalcomputing, robots, video, voicerecognition

Humans are usually good at isolating a single voice in a crowd, but computers? Not so much — just ask anyone trying to talk to a smart speaker at a house party. Google may have a surprisingly straightforward solution, however. Its research…

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AI stuntpeople could lead to more realistic video games

By AI, artificialintelligence, deeplearning, deepmimic, engadget, gaming, gear, machinelearning, martialarts, personal computing, personalcomputing, robots, science, stuntman, tomorrow, ubc, ucberkeley, universityofbritishcolumbia, video, videogames

Video game developers often turn to motion capture when they want realistic character animations. Mocap isn’t very flexible, though, as it’s hard to adapt a canned animation to different body shapes, unusual terrain or an interruption from another c…

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Pinterest hires Google computer vision expert to sort your Pins

By AI, computervision, deeplearning, engadget, gear, google, Internet, machinelearning, Pinterest, pinterestlens, socialnetwork, socialnetworking

Pinterest is very committed to improving its search technology through AI — so committed, in fact, that it just hired one of the foremost experts in the field. The social network has announced that it’s recruiting Chuck Rosenberg, Google’s AI visio…

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Amazon’s checkout-free store opens to the public January 22nd

By AI, Amazon, amazongo, computervision, conveniencestore, deeplearning, engadget, food and drink, foodanddrink, gear, Internet, machinelearning, retail, shopping, store

Amazon’s bid to automate the convenience store is finally ready for the public. The company has confirmed that the Amazon Go store attached to its new Seattle headquarters will be open to non-employees on January 22nd, or more than a year later than…

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Amazon’s automated convenience stores edge closer to public debut

By algorithm, Amazon, amazongo, Business, camera, deeplearning, design, engadget, food and drink, foodanddrink, gadgetry, Gadgets, gear, grocerystore, sensor, services, wholefoods

Last year, Amazon opened its first convenience store embedded with its “just walk out technology.” Located in Seattle, the Amazon Go store, which lets shoppers walk in, load up on the items they want and walk out without having to pay for the items i…

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Intel AI helped create a music video

By AI, artificialintelligence, av, chrislee, deeplearning, engadget, entertainment, facemapping, facetracking, gear, intel, liyuchun, machinelearning, musicvideo, personal computing, personalcomputing, video

AI is increasingly finding its way into music videos, and not necessarily in obvious ways. Intel has revealed that the promo clip for Chinese pop star Chris Lee’s “Rainy Day, But We Are Together” is the first music video to lean on its AI technolog…

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Samsung is the latest tech titan to open an AI lab in Canada

By AI, artificialintelligence, autonomous, Canada, computervision, deeplearning, engadget, gear, imagerecognition, machinelearning, Mobile, montreal, robots, Samsung, self-driving, self-drivingcar, Transportation, universityofmontreal

If it wasn’t already clear that Canada is becoming a hotbed for AI research, it is now: Samsung has opened an AI lab (shown below) at the Université de Montréal. The school’s faculty and students (including long-time Samsung partner Pro…

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Toyota’s latest self-driving car is more aware of its surroundings

By AI, autonomous, deeplearning, engadget, gear, lexus, lidar, ls600hl, luminar, machinelearning, prototype, robots, self-driving, Toyota, toyotaresearchinstitute, Transportation

Toyota barely unveiled its second-generation self-driving testbed half a year ago, but it’s already back with an update. The automaker is showing off a Platform 2.1 research vehicle that has made some big technology strides… including some unusual…

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Smartphones could someday assess brain injuries

By AI, app, braininjury, concussion, deeplearning, engadget, gear, headtrauma, medicine, Mobile, neuralnetwork, Research, smartphone, tomorrow, video

Researchers at the University of Washington are developing a simple way to assess potential concussions and other brain injuries with just a smartphone. The team has developed an app called PupilScreen that uses video and a smartphone’s camera flash…

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Microsoft built a hardware platform for real-time AI

By AI, artificialintelligence, azure, computer, deeplearning, dynamicneuralnetwork, engadget, fpga, gear, intel, Internet, machinelearning, Microsoft, personal computing, personalcomputing, projectbrainwave, robots, stratix10

In many cases, you want AI to work with info as it happens. That virtual assistant needs to respond within a few seconds at most, and a smart security camera needs to send an alert while intruders are still within sight. Microsoft knows this v…

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Researchers develop method for real-time speech animation

By AI, animation, av, caltech, carnegiemellonuniversity, deeplearning, disneyresearch, engadget, gear, neuralnetwork, Research, universityofeastanglia

Researchers at the University of East Anglia, Caltech, Carnegie Mellon University and Disney have created a way to animate speech in real-time. With their method, rather than having skilled animators manually match an animated character’s mouth to re…

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Google’s latest venture fund will back AI startups

By AI, artificialintelligence, deeplearning, engadget, gear, google, gradientventures, machinelearning, personal computing, personalcomputing, robots, startup, venturecapital

There’s no question that Google believes artificial intelligence is the future, but it doesn’t feel like it needs to all the hard work by itself. It’s willing to give others a helping hand. To that end, Google has launched a venture capital firm, G…

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AI vision can determine why neighborhoods thrive

By AI, artificialintelligence, asahibroadcastingcorporation, cities, city, computervision, deeplearning, engadget, gear, machinelearning, mit, neighborhoods, robots

It’s relatively easy to figure out whether or not a neighborhood is doing well at one moment in time. More often than not, you just have to look around. But how do you measure the progress (or deterioration) a neighborhood makes? That’s where AI migh…

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Samsung needs data before Bixby is ready for English speakers

By AI, android, bigdata, Bixby, deeplearning, engadget, galaxys8, gear, Internet, machinelearning, Mobile, Samsung, smartphone, voicecontrol, voicerecognition

Wondering why Samsung still hasn’t enabled Bixby voice features in English despite promising a launch in the spring? Apparently, it’s down to a lack of info. A spokesperson tells the Korea Herald that the company just doesn’t have enough “big data”…

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