Strega is a compact modular synth for crafting dreamscapes or hellscapes

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Make Noise primarily traffics in experimental Eurorack modules like Morphagene and Maths. But a few years ago it made a play for a more entry level space with the 0-Coast, a compact modular synthesizer that blended the two popular schools of s…

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Watch GM’s CES 2021 keynote in 10 minutes

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After its EV-centric rebrand, it wasn’t surprising that GM focused on electric vehicles in its CES presentation. It unveiled some concepts during its showcase, including a single-seater VTOL drone, as well an EV ecosystem for delivery companie…

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The US Army wants to build an autonomous drone charging system

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The US Army is looking to build an autonomous charging system that can support hundreds of drones. It has funded a four-year research project with the ultimate aim of kitting out ground-based vehicles with charging stations that swarms of dron…

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Amazon’s Prime Air can officially begin drone delivery trials in the US

By air carrier, Amazon, amazon prime air, designation, drone, drone delivery, engadget, faa, gear, News, prime air, retail, testing, trials

As of today, Amazon is officially an “air carrier.” The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted Amazon Prime Air the designation, which allows Amazon to begin its first commercial delivery trials in the US, Bloomberg reports. The company…

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China to account for 44% of global robotics market (including drones) by 2024

By chinainternetwatch, ciw premium, drone, forecast, Robotics, technology

China is the largest robotics (including drones) market in the world. It is expected to account for 38% of the global total in 2020, with a total expenditure of US$47.38 billion according to IDC. By 2024, China will account for 44% of the global market. And, it will reach US$121.12 billion. IDC believes that in […]

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Drones can navigate like bats using four mics and a speaker

By autonomous, auv, biomimicry, drone, echolocation, engadget, gadgetry, Gadgets, gear, robot, robots, self-driving, self-driving car, tomorrow

Bats can find their way in the dark using echolocation, so why can’t drones? Researchers have managed just that. They’ve developed a system that lets a drone navigate using just four microphones and a speaker. It relies on the familiar concept of mea…

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Drone network provides early warnings for natural disasters

By drone, early warning system, engadget, gear, hotspot, natural disaster, natural disasters, queens university belfast, robots, science, wifi

Drones might soon deliver a heads-up when natural disasters are about to strike. Researchers have developed a communication system that uses a drone network to provide early warnings for disasters. The challenge wasn’t so much the drone-to-drone comm…

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农药喷洒无人机公司 Pyka 完成 1100 万美元种子轮融资

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 现代农业的田块大到令人难以置信,有效进行喷洒是一个严峻的运营挑战。目前的喷洒作业大部分还是由人力承担,而 Pyka 正通过翼式无人飞行器接管这些工作,至关重要的是,他们获得了监管部门的批准。
就像我们在 DroneSeed 那里看到的一样,这种类型的飞行对飞行员来说是非常危险的,因为他们必须贴近地面和其他障碍物进行低空飞行;然而,它同时也非常容易实现自动化,因为当中涉及到很多重复的飞行模式,而且必须一遍又一遍地完美执行。
Pyka 采用了在无人机行业并不主流的方法,主流的方法一般是采用多旋翼飞行器来实现机动性和轻松的起降,但多旋翼无人机无法承载大量的农药和其他化学品,而不幸的是,这些农药和化学品往往是需要进行大规模喷洒的。

Pyak 制造的飞行器更加传统,它的外观很像是传统的单座农药喷洒飞机,只不过没有设置驾驶舱。飞行器由 3 个螺旋桨驱动,其大部分内部空间让位给了有效载荷(可携带大约 450 磅的有效载荷,约合 2… Read More

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Engadget readers can save on a DJI drone and Segway scooters

By blackfriday2019, Dji, drone, engadget, engadgetdeals, gadgetry, Gadgets, gear, hgg2019, mavic 2 pro, segway, thebuyersguide, Transportation

Over the last week, we’ve done our best to try and find the most compelling Black Friday deals to try and save you time and money during your holiday shopping. With this post, we’re doing something different. We’ve partnered with Wellbots to offer En…

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Alphabet’s Wing drones will soon deliver FedEx and Walgreens packages

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This fall, Alphabet’s drone delivery arm Wing will begin delivering goods for FedEx Express, Walgreens and a small retailer. The pilot program will be based in Christiansburg, Virginia, and it’s meant to prove that Wing’s drones are ready to deliver…

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Researchers are using drones to study the Amazon rainforest’s health

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Researchers from Harvard University are using drones to better understand the Amazon rainforest. With drone-based sensors, the researchers hope to determine the unique "fingerprint" of different rainforest ecosystems. That could help…

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Volocopter proves its air taxi can work with air traffic control

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In order for air taxis and delivery drones to succeed, they’ll have to play nicely with air traffic control systems. Yesterday, a Volocopter air taxi proved it’s ready to do just that. The Volocopter 2X performed a series of tests at the Helsinki int…

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