China online education market to exceed US$58 billion in 2020

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China’s online education is estimated to be a 400.38 billion yuan (US$58.51 billion) market in 2020, with a growth rate of over 24%. The pandemic has a positive impact on the K12 sector but slows down territory education and vocational education due to the delayed or canceled examinations and overseas study. Affected by the epidemic […]

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Google Meet for Education will auto-block users who don’t log in

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Google Meet for Education wants to prevent “zoombombing.” G Suite for Education meetings will block anonymous users by default, the company announced today. Users will have to be logged in to a Google account to join a call. This should keep t…

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China online education market overview Q1 2020

By chinainternetwatch, ciw premium, Education, K12, q1 2020

Affected by the epidemic situation, the growth rate of China’s online education market in Q1 2020 dropped significantly year-on-year. It is estimated to be about 68.06 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 3.9% year-on-year. K12 training, tertiary education, and vocational education are the most important parts of online education in China. K12 training is […]

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Education trends in China amid COVID-19; K12 demand fastest growth

By Baidu, chinainternetwatch, ciw premium, Education, preschool, Search Engines

During the period of epidemic, the Internet has become the main source for people to acquire knowledge. Over the 30-day period from mid-Feb to mid-March, the average number of daily searches for knowledge content related to education on Baidu is over 350 million, an increase of 86% year over year. K12 and foreign languages are […]

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The best online STEM resources, according to a veteran teacher

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After the schools shut down last week, my social media feeds and inbox lit up with color-coded homeschooling charts and agonizingly long lists of everything I should use to educate my kids. Fear, panic and an overwhelming sense of grief settle…

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‘Minecraft’ takes students on a free tour of the ISS

By av, coronavirus, covid-19, Education, engadget, games, gaming, Minecraft, minecraft education edition, minecrafteducationedition, mojang, remote learning, services, video games, videogames

To help students who are stuck at home keep on learning, there’s a new glut of free educational material available in Minecraft. Mojang has added an Education category to the Marketplace, which includes a bunch of lessons from Minecraft: Education Ed…

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Educators can temporarily give Creative Cloud access to distance learners

By adobe, adobe creative cloud, art, coronavirus, covid-19, Creative Cloud, design, Education, engadget, gear, graphics, illustrator, personal computing, personalcomputing, photoshop

Students who are stuck at home due to coronavirus concerns don’t have as many resources as a school could provide. For example, schools that teach graphics and video skills often have educational licenses for Adobe’s Creative Cloud, which are assigne…

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Stanford moves classes online to deal with coronavirus outbreak

By coronavirus, covid-19, Education, engadget, gear, health, Internet, medicine, online classes, online course, online education, School, stanford, stanford university

Online education is about to get a major (if short) field test. Stanford University is moving the last two weeks of winter quarter classes online "to the extent feasible" to reduce the chances of COVID-19 spreading on campus. There…

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Google’s latest VR app lets you gaze at prehistoric paintings

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Over the years, Google has digitized countless museums, galleries and landmarks for Arts & Culture, an encyclopaedic platform that anyone can access through a browser or mobile app. Today, the company is launching a new collection base…

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HP’s latest Chromebooks for schools include more durable keyboards

By Chrome OS, chromebook, chromebook 11, chromebook 11a, chromebook 14, chromebook x360, Education, education edition, engadget, gear, google, hp, laptop, personal computing, personalcomputing, rugged, School

HP is once again giving its school Chromebooks an overhaul, and they’ll be particularly good news for teachers who bristle at the thought of mangled keyboards. The Chromebook 11 G8 EE, 11A G8 EE, x360 11 G3 EE and 14 G6 all have full-skirted anchore…

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The latest Chrome OS education devices will get updates for eight years (updated)

By acer, Asus, Chrome OS, chromebook, coppa, Education, engadget, GDPR, gear, google, google education, homework, Internet, lenovo, personal computing, personalcomputing, students, teachers

To help schools get more out of their limited resources, Google is extending the length of time it plans to support new Chrome OS education devices with security and platform updates. Starting this year, the latest education devices from Lenov…

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Over 30 institutions made over US$1.5M on Tencent Class in 2019

By chinainternetwatch, Education, post-00s, Tencent

Over 72 thousand organizations offer 178 thousand courses on Tencent Class in 2019. And, revenues of the top 100 organizations grew by 62%, according to Chen Shujun, VP of Tencent Education. More than 30 educational institutions have witnessed their revenues surpass 10 million yuan (US$1.5 million) in 2019, according to Tencent Class Report. 70 percent […]

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Time Magazine is recreating the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech in VR

By chicago, civil rights, Education, engadget, gear, history, julius tennon, martin luther king, museum, time, time studios, video, viola davis, Virtual Reality, VR, wearables

For many people, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington and the famous “I Have a Dream” speech exist as little more than photos and soundbites — only the 200,000-plus people who were there can give you a sense of what it was really like….

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mTiny robot review: Screen-free coding for kids

By coding, Education, educational, educational toys, engadget, gadgetry, Gadgets, gear, makeblock, mtiny, review, robot, robots, screen-free, screen-free coding, stem

My five- and seven-year-old constantly fight over who gets the iPad first. We have one, and they get to use it in tiny doses, usually when I’m at my wit’s end. Their favorite app? ScratchJr, MIT’s go-to coding tool for kids. They like to code. No. Th…

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Apple’s Phil Schiller says Chromebooks won’t help kids succeed (updated)

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Apple’s focus might be on its high-end 16-inch MacBook Pro at the moment, but marketing chief Phil Schiller has also chipped in on the lower end of the market — namely, how he thinks it might affect students. The executive told CNET in an interview…

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‘Rabbids Coding’ teaches young gamers basic programming concepts

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We’ve seen plenty of games that teach kids the basics of coding, but it’s rare to see the big game publishers embrace the “edutainment” sector. The latest coding game, though, comes from Ubisoft, the creators of the Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six f…

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Technology alone won’t make your kids smarter

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Ever plop your kids in front of some purportedly educational screen-based thing because you need 15 minutes of peace? Maybe, like me, you say to yourself, “It’s 15 minutes. It’s an educational app. It’s not so bad. I just need to start dinner.” There…

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