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Watch GM’s CES 2021 keynote in 10 minutes

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After its EV-centric rebrand, it wasn’t surprising that GM focused on electric vehicles in its CES presentation. It unveiled some concepts during its showcase, including a single-seater VTOL drone, as well an EV ecosystem for delivery companie…

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Canoo’s multipurpose electric van looks like it’s built out of Lego

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Electric vehicle company Canoo caught our attention last year with its plan to offer a subscription-only EV. It’s back with its latest creation, a stylish multi-purpose delivery vehicle that’ll start at around $33,000. Pre-orders are open for …

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Consumer Reports study finds reliability issues with some EVs

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There are probably always going to be teething issues with new products, and electric vehicles are no exception. According to the results of Consumer Reports’ most recent reliability study, owners of recent EV models have flagged some “significant pr…

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Electrify America rolls out a ‘plug and pay’ charging system

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Electrify America is looking to simplify the payment process at its charging stations. The company has rolled out a system called Plug & Charge, which can automatically take care of payment when you connect a compatible electric vehicl…

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Tesla delivered 139,300 vehicles last quarter, breaking its previous record

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Tesla delivered more vehicles than it has in any quarter to date between July and September. In its Q3 vehicle delivery and production report, Tesla said it shipped 139,300 vehicles during those three months.That’s 45 percent more than the num…

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EVs outsold manual transmission cars in the US last quarter

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While electric vehicles have some way to go before they are as ubiquitous as gas-powered cars, demand is on the rise. So much so, that they outsold manual transmission vehicles in the US last quarter, according to data from research group J.D….

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Volvo will use blockchain to prove its cobalt wasn’t mined by children

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The dark side of electric vehicle production is that the lithium ion batteries most EVs run on require raw materials like cobalt, and cobalt mines have become notorious for using child labor. Now that Volvo has revealed its first fully-electri…

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Bosch will use tiny explosions to make EVs safer in a crash

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Electric vehicles have obvious benefits, but they also pose new risks. In the event of a crash, there’s a chance that damaged wiring could allow current to leak from the EV’s battery into the metal frame, posing a risk to occupants, rescue workers an…

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Here’s why Asia’s auto giants want a piece of the ride-hailing pie

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Ola, which secured investment from Hyundai and Kia for its EV unit this week, isn’t the only regional ride-hailing player to get “Big Auto”’s backing.

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Hyundai’s first car with a solar roof is available in Korea

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Last fall, Hyundai revealed plans to outfit its cars with solar panels. Now, its first car equipped with a solar roof is ready. The New Sonata Hybrid is available now in Korea, and it should arrive in North America soon.

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GM will help Chevy EV owners find certified home charger installers

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General Motors wants to make it easier for Chevy EV-owners to charge their vehicles at home. Customers will soon be able to visit the Charging Page and search for certified charger installers. They’ll be able to fill in details about th…

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Harley-Davidson offers free charging for its electric motorcycle

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Harley-Davidson’s first electric motorcycle will soon hit the roads, and while the LiveWire will have a longer range than first expected, at 140 miles of city driving on a single charge, you’ll still need to hook it up to a charger once in a while. T…

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Maryland is already out of EV tax credits for 2019

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Maryland’s electric vehicle (EV) tax credits are so popular, they’re already gone. According to the state’s Motor Vehicle Administration, the $6 million fund meant to cover the tax credits was depleted before the fiscal year began on July 1st. The st…

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