Older Android phones won’t support many secure websites by September 2021

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You might have to upgrade your Android phone before long if you want to visit large portions of the secure web. According to Android Police, Certificate Authority Let’s Encrypt is warning that phones running Android versions before 7.1.1 Nouga…

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WhatsApp makes it easier to fact-check forwarded messages

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WhatsApp has been clamping down forwarded messages for years, but its work still isn’t complete. Today, the platform announced a new feature that lets users search the web for more info about frequently forwarded messages.Already, messages for…

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Comcast is the first ISP to join Mozilla’s push for more secure browsing

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Mozilla’s effort to secure domain name requests now has a major new ally: Comcast. The cable giant’s Xfinity brand has become the first internet provider to provide encrypted DNS services through Mozilla’s Trusted Recursive Resolver program. I…

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IBM toolkit keeps data encrypted in iPhone and Mac apps while in use

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It’s now more practical to keep data encrypted while you use it, provided you’re using an Apple device. IBM has released (via ZDNet) a toolkit that makes it easier to implement fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) in iOS and macOS apps. In theor…

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Facebook tells US, UK and Australia it won’t weaken chat encryption

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If officials were hoping that Facebook would stop end-to-end encryption in its messaging apps just because they sent a strongly-worded letter, they had another thing coming. Facebook has sent its own letter to US Attorney General Bill Barr, ac…

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Senate bill would block US companies from storing data in China

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US Senator Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) wants to make it illegal for US companies to store user data or encryption keys in China. He also wants to prevent Chinese companies from collecting any more info from American users than is necessary to pro…

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Apple will fix macOS flaw exposing portions of encrypted emails

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Apple is touting its claimed privacy advantage more than ever, but that’s not entirely true for Mac users at the moment. The company tells Engadget it will fix a macOS flaw that leaves portions of encrypted Mail messages unprotected. Bob Gentler ha…

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DOJ asks Facebook to halt end-to-end encryption plans (updated)

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The Department of Justice is set to ask Facebook to pause plans for end-to-end encryption across all of its messaging services. It will urge the company not to move forward "without ensuring that there is no reduction to user safety.&quot…

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Google faces scrutiny from Congress, DOJ over plans to encrypt DNS

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Google’s bid to encrypt domain name requests appears to be raising hackles among American officials. The Wall Street Journal has learned that the House Judiciary Committee is investigating Google’s plans to implement DNS over TLS in Chrome, while th…

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Treaty would force Facebook to share encrypted chats with UK police

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A cross-Atlantic political agreement could put social networks in an awkward position. Sources for The Times and Bloomberg understand that the US and UK will sign a treaty in October that would force Facebook and other social networks to hand…

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Researchers easily breached voting machines for the 2020 election

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The voting machines that the US will use in the 2020 election are still vulnerable to hacks. A group of ethical hackers tested a bunch of those voting machines and election systems (most of which they bought on eBay). They were able to crack i…

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Apple might force Facebook to change how its apps handle voice calls

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A change coming in iOS 13 could force Facebook to change Messenger and WhatsApp. As The Information reports, Apple will no longer allow these apps to run Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) in the background when it’s not in use. At the moment, apps…

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Here’s how AG Barr is going to get encryption “backdoors”

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If you heard the reverberation of a few thousand heads exploding last week, it was the sound of information security professionals reacting to US Attorney General Barr saying that Big Tech "can and must" put backdoors into encryption…

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Cloudflare wants to protect the internet from quantum computing

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Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize health care, AI, financial modeling, weather simulation and more. It’s also going to shake up encryption as we know it. Without advances in post-quantum cryptography, quantum computing could make i…

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Apple, Google and others condemn UK plan to view encrypted chats

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Major players within the tech industry have long-opposed the idea of government access to users’ messages and chat conversations — now they’re continuing the fight with an open letter to GCHQ (the UK’s government communication headquarters) lambasti…

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Holographic tech could be key to future quantum computers

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A breakthrough in studying light might just be the ticket to the future of quantum computing. Researchers at EPFL have found a way to determine how light behaves beyond the limitations of wavelengths, opening the door to encoding quantum data…

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Skype launches end-to-end encryption for calls and texts

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After months of work, Skype’s Private Conversations are now a practical reality. Users on Android, iOS and desktop platforms can now switch on end-to-end encryption for both calls and text chats. If your intended recipient accepts your invitation, t…

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