Tech giants call for more content liability protection in the EU

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Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and other tech giants have urged the European Union for more liability protection to help them tackle illegal content and hate speech. Edima, an association that represents the companies, arg…

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EU reportedly drafts ‘hit list’ of big tech companies to face stricter rules

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It’s no secret that the European Union wants a further crackdown on tech giants, and it may use a simple shortlist to decide which companies face new restrictions. Financial Times sources say the EU is drafting a “hit list” of up to 20 big tec…

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Google will likely win EU approval for its $2.1 billion Fitbit deal

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It looks like EU antitrust investigators will approve Google’s $2.1 billion Fitbit acquisition after all. According to Reuters, Google made a few concessions today, and it is now on track to win EU approval. The changes are meant to address fe…

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The EU is testing cross-border COVID-19 contact tracing

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Several European Union countries are testing a system that enables their COVID-19 contact tracing apps to work across borders. The apps for the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Latvia will exchange information during the tr…

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EU antitrust regulators are investigating Google’s Fitbit purchase

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European Commission antitrust regulators have opened an investigation into Google’s proposed $2.1 billion takeover of wearables company Fitbit. They’re “concerned” that the acquisition would bolster Google’s already-dominant position in online…

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The UK buys a 45 percent stake in broke satellite startup OneWeb

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After losing access to the EU’s satellite-navigation system Galileo due to Brexit, the UK is hoping to replace it with OneWeb satellites. A government-led consortium has won an auction for the satellite internet company, which filed for Chapter 11 ba…

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EU will speed up its spaceflight plans in response to SpaceX and China

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The modern space race is heating up, and the European Union is acutely aware that it needs to keep pace. Space chief Thierry Breton told Reuters in an interview that the EU is accelerating its plans in light of rapid progress by private compan…

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Germany’s voluntary contract tracing app is available to download

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As expected, Germany has become the latest European country to launch a COVID-19 contact tracing app. German residents can download the country’s Corona-Warn-App starting today on iOS and Android — though the government is not making it manda…

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Tile files EU complaint against Apple’s alleged anticompetitive behavior

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Companies like Tile, Sonos and Popsockets have been speaking out against Apple and other big tech companies. They claim those larger corporations are deliberately hurting the competition, and earlier this year they testified before the House A…

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European mobile carriers will share location data to track COVID-19 spread

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More governments are relying on phone location tracking in a bid to track and contain the spread of COVID-19. Eight European carriers, including Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile), Orange and Vodafone, have agreed to share phone location data with t…

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EU plans to introduce sweeping ‘right to repair’ legislation for electronics

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As part of its newly announced Circular Economy Action Plan, the European Commission, the body that drafts the EU’s laws, says it will introduce right to repair legislation that will push electronics manufacturers to create products that last longer,…

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Apple may be open to letting users set their own default apps

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Apple’s insistence on gatekeeping certain actions of rival apps on iPhones and iPads has long been a source of contention among users. Clicking on web links or email addresses, for example, automatically takes you to Safari or Apple Mail, even if you…

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EU backs away from proposed five-year facial recognition ban

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The European Union won’t issue a ban on facial recognition tech, as it once proposed, the Financial Times reports. In a previous draft of a paper on artificial intelligence, the European Commission suggested a five-year moratorium on facial recogniti…

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EU investigates Qualcomm for alleged anti-competitive tactics

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Qualcomm is facing yet another European Union antitrust case. The wireless hardware giant has revealed in an SEC filing that the European Commission is investigating the company for possible anti-competitive tactics in the radio frequency chi…

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Apple says EU push for universal phone charger would ‘stifle innovation’

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The European Parliament has renewed its push for a phone charger standard through an amended draft law, and it won’t surprise you to hear that Apple has raised objections. The iPhone maker has issued a statement arguing that rules dictating a common…

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Facebook is facing an EU investigation over data collection

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Google isn’t the only tech giant facing an investigation from European Union antitrust regulators over data collection and monetization. The European Commission has Facebook in its sights too.

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