Forecast of China’s digital automobile and transportation market 2021-2025

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The digital automobile and transportation market is considered to be the entire ecosystem of companies, products, and services related to automobiles and transportation infrastructure based on the Internet, IoT, and third-party platform technologies. The digital automobile and transportation ecosystem includes a wide range of market participants, including but not limited to: automobile manufacturers, suppliers and […]

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EVgo will support Tesla cars at over 600 fast charging stations

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EVgo is still determined to be the glue that connects electric car drivers regardless of their preferences. The public EV power network is expanding access to Tesla connectors at its fast charging stations across the US. Over 400 of those are …

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GM plans to exclusively sell electric vehicles by 2035

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GM isn’t just planning to electrify many of its cars in the years ahead — it’s ditching combustion engines entirely. As CNBC reports, GM has unveiled plans to completely eliminate tailpipe emissions from new “light-duty vehicles” (read: everyd…

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Formula One champion Jenson Button will compete in Extreme E

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Former Formula One champion Jenson Button is joining Extreme E. The 41-year-old has launched his own team, called JBXE, and will compete as one of two drivers. He joins a large roster of recognizable names from the motorsport world. Lewis Hami…

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Watch GM’s CES 2021 keynote in 10 minutes

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After its EV-centric rebrand, it wasn’t surprising that GM focused on electric vehicles in its CES presentation. It unveiled some concepts during its showcase, including a single-seater VTOL drone, as well an EV ecosystem for delivery companie…

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