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Facebook reveals the AI tool it used to ban 6.6 billion fake accounts

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Today, Facebook unveiled a machine learning tool that, in the last year, has removed more than six billion fake accounts. That’s in addition to the millions of new fake accounts that Facebook blocks from being created daily. According to Facebook, th…

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Alphabet subsidiary Jigsaw paid a Russian troll to spread disinformation

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In the name of research, Alphabet subsidiary Jigsaw and a partner security firm paid a Russian troll $250 for a disinformation campaign. As Wired reports, the experiment was meant to prove how easy it is to purchase social media propaganda cam…

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Facebook has taken down over 2 billion fake accounts in 2019

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Facebook took down 2.19 billion fake accounts during the first quarter of 2019, the company has announced. In addition to that, Facebook said it disabled 1.2 billion fake accounts in Q4 2018. These numbers are quite staggering when you conside…

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