How Biden and Harris could refocus the White House on science

By danny tobey, engadget, eric lander, feature, howard brown, joe biden, martijn rasser, michael kratsios, science, tomorrow, USA, will hunt

In each of its annual budget requests, the Trump administration made deep funding cuts to federal research spending, in spite of Congress’ consistent refusals. However, the administration’s 2021 proposal actually sought to promote AI and quantum comp…

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Hitting the Books: AI doctors and the dangers tiered medical care

By AI, engadget, feature, frank pasquale, harvard university press, Healthcare, hitting the books, hittingthebooks, medicine, Robotics, tomorrow

Healthcare is a human right, however, nobody said all coverage is created equal. Artificial intelligence and machine learning systems are already making impressive inroads into the myriad fields of medicine — from IBM’s Watson: Hospital Editio…

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Hitting the Books: Smaller cameras and projectors helped the Allies win WWII

By av, engadget, everyday movies, feature, gear, haidee wasson, hitting the books, hittingthebooks, projectors, university of california, wwii

Modern cameras exist in high definition ubiquity — they’re in our laptops and phones; strapped onto our helmets and dangling from our drones — heck, you’d be hard pressed to find someone on the street without a video capture-capable device in …

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Arturia updates the MicroFreak synth with three new oscillators

By arturia, arturia microfreak, engadget, feature, firmware update, gear, hands-on, microfreak, musical instrument, noise engineering, oscillator, synth, synthesizer

When Arturia launched the MicroFreak in early 2019 I said “there’s nothing stopping Arturia from adding more oscillators down the road through firmware updates.” They have born that out time and time again. In January of last year it added a noise so…

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Samsung’s Galaxy S21+ vs. the OnePlus 8T and the iPhone 12 Pro Max

By apple, Apple: iPhone, commerce, comparison, engadget, feature, galaxy 21plus, galaxy s21, gear, iPhone 12, iphone 12 pro max, Mobile, oneplus, oneplus 8t, s21event, Samsung, samsung galaxy, samsung galaxy s21, thebuyersguide, vsthecompetition

It might only be January with CES just a day behind us, but Samsung is getting new phone season started with the reveal of three new Galaxy devices today. Right in the middle you’ll find the Galaxy S21+, with a 6.7-inch screen and a three-came…

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Galaxy S21 Ultra vs. the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the OnePlus 8 Pro

By apple, commerce, comparison, engadget, feature, galaxy s21 ultra, gear, iphone 12 pro max, oneplus, oneplus 8 pro, s21event, Samsung, thebuyersguide, vsthecompetition

CES may be over, but Samsung wasn’t done with its announcements this week, revealing its new line of Galaxy S21 flagship phones a bit earlier than usual. There are three models once more, with the Ultra sitting at the top thanks to its large 6…

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The Galaxy S21 vs. the iPhone 12 Pro and the Google Pixel 5

By apple, cct tech, commerce, comparison, engadget, feature, galaxy s21, gear, google, iphone 12 pro, pixel 5, s21event, Samsung, thebuyersguide, vsthecompetition

With Mobile World Congress pushed back to the summer it seems Samsung wasn’t content to wait to unveil its new Galaxy phones, announcing them today in a virtual Galaxy Unpacked event. This year we’re looking at three models once again, with th…

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The Razer Blade 15 vs. Alienware’s M15 and the ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 SE

By @ccttech, @centralcommerce, @shoppable, acer, alienware, Asus, CES, ces 2021, ces2021, commerce, comparison, engadget, feature, gaming, gaming laptop, gaming laptops, gear, razer, shopping, thebuyersguide, vsthecompetition

This week’s CES may have been a little more sedate than usual, but gaming laptops still made a strong showing at the virtual show, with companies like Razer, Alienware and ASUS showing off their latest portable beasts. If you’re looking to add…

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The TCL 20 5G vs. the Motorola One 5G Ace and the Pixel 4a 5G

By CES, ces 2021, ces2021, comparison, engadget, feature, gear, motorola, motorola one, motorola one 5g ace, tcl, tcl 20, tcl 20 5g, thebuyersguide, vsthecompetition

We don’t normally see a lot of phones at CES, but this year companies have seen fit to push up their announcements, particularly TCL and Motorola. Both have debuted new mid-range 5G phones at the show, the better to compete with Google’s exist…

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Roland’s Verselab is a groovebox built for vocalists

By ces2021, drum machine, engadget, feature, gear, groovebox, musical instrument, mv-1, roland, sampler, synth, synthesizer, verselab, verselab mv-1, zen-core

Keeping track of Roland’s various drum machines and grooveboxes is getting tough. But its latest, the Verselab MV-1 is unique for a number of reasons. For one, it’s the company’s only instrument that combines the classic TR-style 16-step seque…

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Samsung’s Galaxy Chromebook 2 and Acer’s Chromebook Spin 514 vs. the competition

By @cctamazon, @ccttech, @centralcommerce, @shoppable, acer, Asus, CES, ces2021, chromebook, chromebook flip c436, chromebook spin 514, commerce, comparison, engadget, feature, galaxy chromebook 2, gear, google, laptop, pixelbook go, Samsung, shopping, thebuyersguide, vsthecompetition

While Chromebooks have been fully embraced by schools for their low cost and ease of use, it’s been an uphill battle to get other laptop users to take them seriously. However, the past few years have seen a lot of higher-end Chromebooks with b…

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Everything we know about Samsung’s Galaxy S21 so far

By engadget, feature, galaxy s21, galaxy s21 plus, galaxy s21 ultra, gear, Mobile, preview, s21, s21 plus, s21 ultra, Samsung, samsung galaxy, smartphone, space zoom

2020 is thankfully in the rearview mirror, which means — among other things — a year of new hardware to look forward to. While we’d normally have to wait a little longer for news of high-profile smartphone launches, 2021 is already shaping up to be…

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Modeling the bizarre remnants of a supernova

By engadget, feature, gemini, hydrodynamic model, ic 443, inaf-palermo, jellyfish nebula, snr, supernova, supernova remnant, the big picture, thenewbigpicture, tomorrow

When stars of a certain large size and energy run out of fuel, the result is a supernova explosion that can be spotted with the naked eye just once in a lifetime. Some leave behind a relatively spherical supernova remnant. However, others expa…

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2020 has proven that electric vehicles are the future of transportation

By Automotive, electric vehicle, engadget, ev, feature, gm, hummer ev, Hyundai, kia, lucid air, polestar, tesla, tomorrow, Volkswagen, volvo, yir2020

This year has made clear that the internal combustion engine’s days are numbered. 2020 saw explosive growth in the automotive industry’s EV segment, with nearly every major manufacturer and brand group announcing, unveiling or debuting new and…

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Recommended Reading: The best long-form stories of 2020

By AI, apple, apple m1, artificial intelligence, banjo, banjo ai, blade runner, christopher nolan, covid-19, engadget, entertainment, facial recognition, feature, ford, gaming, gear, Healthcare, houston astros, intel, iowa caucuses, lego, m1, m1 mac, m1 macs, mach-e, mlb, mustang, nightdive sutdios, panos panay, Polestar 2, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, surface duo, tenet, tomorrow, yir2020, Zoom

On a semi-weekly basis, we compile a collection of the best long-form stories on tech, tech culture and more. We’ve collected a list of the best selections from 2020 for you to revisit — or enjoy for the first time — as we finish up one dumpst…

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Best games for safely socializing this holiday season

By among us, animal crossing, animal crossing new horizons, clubhouse games, engadget, feature, gaming, heads up, innersloth, jackbox, jackbox games, jackbox party pack, social games, spaceteam, tabletopia, yir2020

The holidays are usually a time to get together with family to bond but, for obvious reasons, they’re going to look a little different this year. You might be meeting outdoors, sitting six feet apart or using Zoom to chat from hundreds of mile…

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The best games for Xbox newcomers

By engadget, feature, forza motorsport 7, gaming, gear, gears 5, gears tactics, halo master chief collection, sea of thieves, state of decay 2, sunset overdrive, xbox, xbox one, xbox series s, Xbox Series X

If you’re hopping over from the PlayStation country, or just picking up your first game console, there are plenty of worthy Xbox titles worth diving into. Sure, Microsoft hasn’t been as aggressive as Sony when it comes to hustling for big budget excl…

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How the world went from no COVID vaccines to two in under a year

By astrazeneca, biontech, bnt162b2, cdc, covid-19, edward jenner, engadget, fda, feature, moderna, operation warp speed, pfizer, remdesivir, smallpox, tomorrow, vaccines, yir2020

First identified in 1545, smallpox ravaged humanity for centuries, spreading rapidly from India through Europe and into the New World. Smallpox is estimated to have killed 300 to 500 million people in the 20th century alone. But thanks to an u…

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Hitting the Books: How Bell Labs jump-started the multimedia art movement

By art, bell labs, billy klüver, engadget, entertainment, feature, frank j malina, hitting the books, hittingthebooks, making art work, mit press, science

The modern world would be a pale shade of itself if not for the myriad foundational technologies developed at the Bell Telephone Labs. Its engineers invented the transistor and photovoltaic cell, charge-coupled devices, frickin’ lasers — even …

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The best accessories for your new iPhone

By anker, apple, aukey, belkin, commerce, engadget, feature, gear, iPhone, iPhone 12, iphone accessories, magsafe, magsafe charger, Mophie, otterbox, thebuyersguide

After you’ve unboxed your new iPhone, it’s time to think about the accessories you want for it. This is especially pertinent if you’re the owner of a new iPhone 12 because those handsets only come with one lonely Lightning cable. There are new…

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Tech’s biggest losers in 2020

By Amazon, amazon halo, engadget, entertainment, feature, foldables, gaming, gear, google, Google Photos, google stadia, lenovo, Microsoft, preorder, Qualcomm, quibi, snapdragon, snapdragon 8xc 2, snapdragon wear 4100, surface, surface duo, thinkpad x1 fold, tiktok, yir2020

It’d be easy to just say all of 2020 was terrible and call it a day. But while most of the year was awful for everyone, some things in tech suffered more than others. TikTok, for example, got jerked around by the Trump administration for month…

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Corsair’s K60 RGB Pro Low Profile gaming keyboard nails the basics

By corsair, engadget, feature, gaming, gaming accessories, gaming keyboard, gaming keyboards, gear, hands-on, k60, k60 rgb, k60 rgb pro, keyboard, keyboards, typing

Even if you’re not a hardcore PC player, you might be tempted to buy a gaming keyboard for its sturdy construction and mechanical keys. But the tradeoff is often much noisier typing, as well as a larger build thanks to features like media butt…

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