Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus hits record low $70 in one-day Amazon sale

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If you’re going to stay at home (please, stay home) for your hoilday meals, you might as well step things up with an Instant Pot — and one of the best models is currently available at a steep discount. A one-day Amazon Black Friday sale has th…

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Smart fabric can recognize the food you put on the table

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Wouldn’t it be helpful if a food tracking or recipe app could determine what you’re eating just by detecting what’s on your table? You might get your wish. Researchers at Microsoft and multiple universities have developed Capacitivo, a smart f…

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Amazon Prime members get free one-hour grocery pickups at Whole Foods

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Amazon continues to pile on Whole Foods perks for Prime members, and its latest may be important during the COVID-19 pandemic. The internet giant is now offering (via CNBC) free one-hour grocery pickup at Whole Foods Market stores for all Prim…

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Pit Boss adds WiFi to its latest Pro Series pellet grills

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When it comes to pellet grills, Pit Boss has a range of options that can compete with bulk of the competition, but at a more affordable price. The company has been giving backyard cooks the ability to smoke, grill, sear and more for a while no…

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DoorDash adds on-demand grocery delivery to its app

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Since the pandemic began, DoorDash has been steadily expanding its on-demand delivery portfolio. Today, the company announced that it’s adding on-demand grocery delivery to its app. More than 10,000 items will be available for delivery in unde…

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China summer consumer products sales overview in 2020

By China Consumers, chinainternetwatch, ciw premium, FMCG, food, post-80s, post-90s

In July 2020, food (non-fresh) and non-alcoholic beverages, alcohol, fresh produce, sun protection, and cooling products have gotten more attention from consumers across the country, according to data shared by Jingdong. The southern provinces of Guangdong and Zhejiang saw alcohol transaction volume increase 60% YoY. In Hubei and Hebei, the transaction volume of food and […]

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KFC hopes to develop the first lab-made chicken nuggets

By 3d bioprinting solutions, bioprinting, chicken, chicken nugget, engadget, food, food and drink, gear, kentucky fried chicken, KFC, meat, News, science, tomorrow

The quest for lab-grown meat is extending to a staple of the fast food scene. The Verge reports KFC has teamed up with Moscow’s 3D Bioprinting Solutions with the goal of producing the world’s first lab-made chicken nuggets. The Russian firm is…

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Traeger’s redesigned grill app offers cooking videos and customization

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Traeger’s WiFi-enabled smart grills already benefit from a robust app packed with recipes for meat, seafood, side dishes and more. The software also allows you to control and monitor your grill remotely, so you don’t have to walk outside to ch…

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Amazon plans virtual grocery waiting lists to cope with surging demand

By Amazon, coronavirus, covid-19, Delivery, engadget, food, food and drink, gear, groceries, News, shopping, whole foods, whole foods market

Amazon and Whole Foods have been straining to keep up with grocery demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that’s leading to new measures to reduce some of the frustration for shoppers. Amazon is introducing virtual waiting lines that will gi…

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Google Maps now highlights restaurants with delivery options

By android, coronavirus, covid-19, Delivery, engadget, food, food and drink, foodanddrink, gear, google, Google: Maps, Internet, ios, Mobile, restaurant

Google Maps is still useful for grabbing a bite to eat even in the midst of widespread COVID-19 lockdowns, it seems. Google has rolled out updates to its Android and iOS apps that highlight restaurants with delivery (and, for some reason, tak…

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Alibaba launched its own snacks brand Bonbater

By Alibaba, China Consumers, chinainternetwatch, ciw premium, FMCG, food

Bonbater, a snacks brand owned by Alibaba with rising popularity on Taobao, is recently revealed by the Chinese media. What are Alibaba’s advantages of running its own brand? The official business registration information shows Bonbater’s dealer is Hangzhou Xinxuan E-Commerce Co., Ltd, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taobao. The company’s former legal representative is […]

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Instacart workers go on strike after rejecting mild concessions

By Business, coronavirus, covid-19, engadget, food, food and drink, foodanddrink, gear, gig economy, gig workers, gig workers collective, groceries, instacart, Internet, labor, labor rights, medicine, services, strike

Instacart hasn’t had success trying to avert a strike over a lack of COVID-19 protections. The Gig Workers Collective has declared that a shopper strike is “still on” after asserting that Instacart’s concessions were inadequate. A change that sets…

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Amazon offers warehouse workers higher pay to handle Prime Now groceries

By Amazon, coronavirus, covid-19, e-commerce, engadget, food, food and drink, foodanddrink, gear, groceries, Internet, Prime Now, services, shipping, shopping, whole foods

Amazon’s focus on essentials during the COVID-19 pandemic has led it to offer special incentives to workers. Reuters has learned that Amazon is offering warehouse workers a $2 raise to $19 per hour if they’re willing to pick and pack Whole Foods gro…

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IKEA’s new vegetarian meatballs will taste more like meat

By Business, Climate Change, engadget, food, food and drink, foodanddrink, gear, global warming, green, ikea, ikea meatballs, meat, meatballs, swedish meatballs, vegan, vegetarian

A trip to IKEA isn’t complete without a plate of Swedish meatballs. While the company offers a vegetarian version of its iconic meal, the veggie meatballs don’t taste much like meat. Joining the trend set by fast food chains like Burger King and KFC,…

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Blue Apron considers selling itself as it bleeds customers

By Blue Apron, Business, cooking, Earnings, engadget, food, food and drink, foodanddrink, gear, Internet, meal kit, meal kits, q42019, services

Blue Apron has been struggling in recent years, and that’s leading the company to consider some extreme options. The online meal kit service has revealed that it’s looking at “strategic alternatives” that include a merger, raising funds, offloading…

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China annual consumer retail sales up 8% in Nov 2019

By China Retail & E-Commerce, chinainternetwatch, clothing, food, rural area, urban area

Total consumer goods retail sales in China reached 3,809.4 billion yuan (US$545.35 bn) in November 2019, increasing by 8.0% year-on-year (nominal growth rate. Real growth rate was 4.9 percent). Out of the total, consumer goods retail sales excluding automobiles hit 3,462.9 billion yuan, up 9.1%. The retail sales of consumer goods in urban areas was […]

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Walmart will test driverless grocery deliveries in Houston

By autonomous, driverless, engadget, food, food and drink, foodanddrink, gear, groceries, houston, nuro, self-driving, Transportation, walmart

Walmart is about to experiment with autonomous grocery delivery in a big way. The big-box retailer is launching a pilot program in Houston that will use Nuro’s self-driving R1 vehicle to shuttle food from “select” stores to customers who’ve opted int…

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Google Maps will help you discover cities by following Local Guides

By android, app, engadget, food, food and drink, foodanddrink, gear, google, Google: Maps, Internet, ios, local guides, Mobile, restaurant, restaurants

Google has a new strategy for helping you discover new restaurants: it’s getting some of its most active contributors to show you around. The search firm has unveiled a test feature that will let you follow top Local Guides to see where they’re going…

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Astronauts bioprint beef in space for the first time

By 3d bioprinting solutions, aleph farms, bioprinter, engadget, food, food and drink, foodanddrink, gear, home, international space station, lab-grown meat, meat, space, tomorrow

Lab-grown meat is no longer confined to Earth — Aleph Farms and partners have successfully grown meat in space for the first time. The experiment, conducted aboard the Russian section of the International Space Station on September 26th, use…

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Amazon-owned Whole Foods cuts medical benefits for part-time workers

By Amazon, benefits, Business, employment, engadget, food, food and drink, foodanddrink, gear, groceries, shopping, whole foods, work

Not all is well with Whole Foods in the Amazon era. The grocery chain has confirmed to Business Insider that it’s cutting medical benefits for part-time staff who work a minimum of 20 hours per week. A spokesperson said Whole Foods was dropping the…

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KFC’s plant-based ‘chicken’ sold out in five hours

By beyond fried chicken, beyond meat, chicken, engadget, food, food and drink, foodanddrink, gear, kentucky fried chicken, KFC, restaurant, vegan, vegetarian

There’s little doubt that plant-based meat substitutes have been popular, but when’s the last time they triggered the kind of frenzies associated with movie aficionados and sneaker hypebeasts? Today, apparently. Beyond Meat and KFC have revealed th…

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Panera Bread now delivers through DoorDash, GrubHub and Uber Eats

By Delivery, doordash, engadget, food, food and drink, foodanddrink, gear, grubhub, Internet, panera bread, restaurant, services, Uber Eats

Panera Bread can’t resist the siren’s call of offering food through third-party delivery apps. The restaurant chain has made its delivery service available outside of its own apps for the first time, offering its menu through DoorDash, GrubHub and U…

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Domino’s will use e-bikes to deliver pizzas across the US

By Bicycle, bike, Delivery, dominos, dominos pizza, e-bike, engadget, food, food and drink, foodanddrink, gear, pizza, rad power bikes, restaurant, Transportation

Domino’s Pizza is once again adopting cutting edge delivery vehicles, although you’re much more likely to see these ones in action. In the wake of successful tests, the restaurant chain is launching a US-wide e-bike delivery program that will give st…

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