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Samsung’s 120Hz mobile displays use variable refresh rates to save power

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Last week Samsung revealed its new Galaxy Note line, and the highest-end model comes with a 120Hz screen. A higher refresh rate allows it to feel more responsive using a pen or playing mobile games and scroll even more smoothly, but as people …

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The Galaxy Note 20 vs. the competition: A real handful

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Today we got our first look at the new Galaxy Note 20 devices, and they’re certainly impressive. Between an improved S-Pen, Windows integration and 8K video recording, there’s a lot of power on deck. And then there’s the screen — the regular G…

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What to expect from Samsung’s Unpacked event next week

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For a company with as many moving parts as Samsung, secrets don’t stay secret for long — just look at the string of leaks before any high-profile Galaxy phone launch. With just a week left to go until Samsung’s latest (and online-only) Unpacked even…

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Samsung’s first 7-nanometer EUV processor will power the Galaxy Note 10

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Samsung has unveiled the Exynos 9825, the processor that will likely power the Galaxy Note 10 launching later today. It’s the first smartphone chip built using 7-nanometer EUV (extreme ultra-violet) silicon manufacturing that Samsung unveiled back in…

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What to expect from Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 event

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Few companies revel in spectacle the way Samsung does, and if nothing else, the company’s Unpacked event in Brooklyn will be an assault on the senses. Of course, all that spectacle serves a purpose: to get people hyped for its newest flagship sma…

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 launch reportedly planned for August 7th

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While we’re waiting for news on the foldable Galaxy phone, Samsung is still planning its usual big event to launch the next Galaxy Note. According to CNET, we should expect the company’s annual Unpacked event to take place on August 7th at the Barcla…

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