‘Apex Legends’ season six trailer offers a peek at Rampart’s abilities

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Although Respawn hasn’t detailed all of the newest Apex Legends character’s abilities just yet, a season six gameplay trailer offers a peek at the tricks Rampart has up her sleeve. It seems she can place down barriers and turrets with which sh…

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‘Anthem’ bug makes starter rifle the game’s most powerful weapon

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You’ve gotta pay your dues in shooter game Anthem. Like Destiny 2 and Warframe, you get ahead with tireless grinding, repeatedly working through the same missions to get your hands on better guns and better loot. So a recently-discovered bug is threa…

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‘Twin Mirror’ gameplay trailer enters DontNod’s episodic mind palace

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Fight Club meets Memento in Dontnod Entertainment’s (Life is Strange, Vampyr, Remember Me) gameplay reveal for the episodic game Twin Mirror. In this game, players play as Sam, a man returning to his West Virginia hometown to attend his best friend’s…

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