Sony will offer ‘Ratchet and Clank’ PS4 for free, no PS Plus required

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Sony offered free games and other entertainment last spring to help PlayStation gamers get through the early COVID-19 pandemic, and it's bringing that campaign back for what could be the last several months of lockdowns (Hopefully? Ple…

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Nintendo’s ‘Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit’ is $10 off at Amazon

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Nintendo brought Mario Kart racing to the physical world with the launch of its Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit pack last year. But despite the software being free to download, Home Circuit packs cost $100 each. Now Amazon has the Luigi pack for…

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The HyperX Alloy Origins 60 is a small-but-mighty gaming keyboard

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Maybe it’s because our homes are feeling increasingly cramped, but 60 percent keyboards seem to be coming into vogue. Those are decks that not only lack a number pad, but also jettison all the function keys and miscellanea like the “scroll loc…

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Razer’s Blade 15 Base drops to $1,100 at Amazon for today only

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Eager to get Razer gaming laptop without the usual premium prices? Amazon is happy to oblige. The retailer is selling a 2020 version of the Blade 15 Base for $1,100 today (February 21st) only, a whopping $500 off its original price. The outlay…

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Valve won’t help Apple defend against Epic’s antitrust lawsuit

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Apple is using every tool at its disposal to fight Epic Games' antitrust lawsuit over the App Store, and that apparently includes recruiting one of Epic's rivals… or rather, trying to recruit one of them. As iMore reports, Ap…

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NVIDIA limits RTX 3060 crypto speeds as it introduces mining cards

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Worried that the GeForce RTX 3060 will be sold out as cryptocurrency miners snap up every GPU in sight? NVIDIA thinks it has a simple way to help: make the new card unattractive to the crypto crowd. The company has revealed that it's c…

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‘Famicom Detective Club’ hits the US for the first time in May

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Visual novels rarely made it to the US prior to the past decade and a half, so you’re forgiven for not having heard of the Famicom Detective Club series. Heck, even in its home country it was somewhat of a rarity, having only been released on …

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