CRISPR editing may help turn a wild berry into a farmable crop

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It can take many years to make a wild plant easy to farm, but gene editing could make that happen for one fruit in record time. Scientists have used genomics and CRISPR gene editing to develop a technique that could domesticate the groundcherr…

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I bio-engineered glowing beer and it hasn’t killed me (yet)

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I’ve been making beer for about 10 years and, in the name of fun and experimentation, I’ve done some weird stuff. Toss some sarsaparilla and birch bark in the pot? Why not? “Dry hop” with a box of Apple Jacks? Try and stop me. But I may have finally…

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Scientists take a big step toward creating custom organisms

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Scientists dream of using custom organisms to fight illnesses or even build computers, but there’s a problem: it’s difficult to make the sweeping genetic changes that would give you exactly the lifeform you need. To that end, researchers have found…

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