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Google Assistant’s driving mode for Android is nearly ready, one year later

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Google promised an Assistant driving mode for phones would arrive in mid-2019, but that clearly didn’t happen — over a year passed without any sign of it. It appears to be ready, though. XDA-Developers has discovered (via Android Police) that …

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Google’s ‘Search On’ event will reveal new AI-powered features on Thursday

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If you’re not done with presentations after Apple’s iPhone 12 launch earlier, set some time aside on Thursday afternoon to find out what’s new in search. Google just sent out invites for a live stream event on October 15th at 12 PM PT / 3 PM E…

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Google Maps is tracking the spread of America’s wildfires hour by hour

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As wildfires continue to tear through parts of California and Colorado, Google has launched new tools to help people stay informed about their progress. Starting today, Google search queries for information about the fires will turn up more…

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Google Maps may offer routes connecting bikes and cars to public transit

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Many people still aren’t commuting to work in light of the pandemic, but Google Maps might give you more travel options when it is safe to return. As 9to5Google reports, app sleuth Jane Manchun Wong has discovered that Google is exploring “con…

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Google Maps now highlights restaurants with delivery options

By android, coronavirus, covid-19, Delivery, engadget, food, food and drink, foodanddrink, gear, google, Google: Maps, Internet, ios, Mobile, restaurant

Google Maps is still useful for grabbing a bite to eat even in the midst of widespread COVID-19 lockdowns, it seems. Google has rolled out updates to its Android and iOS apps that highlight restaurants with delivery (and, for some reason, tak…

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Google Maps borrows Lens tech to highlight popular restaurant dishes

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Google introduced big changes to Lens at its I/O conference last year by turning your phone’s camera into a powerful search tool. With one of the key features, you could point your camera at a restaurant menu and it would highlight the most popular d…

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Google explains how it’s tackling the coronavirus outbreak

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Google’s efforts to inform people about the coronavirus outbreak extend well beyond a search alert. The company has outlined all the ways it’s addressing COVID-19, including a bid to stamp out misinformation. On top of the SOS Alert (with news and…

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Google Maps helps you find EV chargers that work with your car

By android, charger, charging, charging station, electric car, electric vehicle, engadget, ev, gear, google, Google: Maps, Internet, ios, Mobile, Transportation

Google Maps can help you find available EV charging stations, but that doesn’t mean they’re stations you can use — and that might be a problem if you show up at the wrong station with a low battery. Thankfully, Google might help you avoid that slip-…

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Google Maps will help you discover cities by following Local Guides

By android, app, engadget, food, food and drink, foodanddrink, gear, google, Google: Maps, Internet, ios, local guides, Mobile, restaurant, restaurants

Google has a new strategy for helping you discover new restaurants: it’s getting some of its most active contributors to show you around. The search firm has unveiled a test feature that will let you follow top Local Guides to see where they’re going…

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Google Maps is getting more detailed spoken walking directions

By accessibility, engadget, google, Google: Maps, googlemaps, Mobile, navigation, tomorrow, Transportation, turn by turn, turnbyturn, vision impaired, visionimpaired

Google is rolling out a Maps update that adds more in-depth spoken walking directions, with the aim of helping vision-impaired people navigate with more ease. The detailed voice guidance feature will inform users when to turn and tell them when they’…

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Ask Engadget: What are the best outdoor navigation apps?

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The support shared among readers in the comments section is one of the things we love most about the Engadget community. Over the years, we’ve known you to offer sage advice on everything from Chromecasts and cameras to drones and smartphones. In fac…

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Cruel Google Maps trick marked livestreamer’s mansion as a homeless shelter

By engadget, gear, google, Google: Maps, homeless, homeless shelter, homelessness, ice posedion, ice posedion homeless shelter, Internet, youtube, youtube prank

While most pranks that originate from YouTube are terrible, a recent one targeted at homeless people in Los Angeles was particularly abhorrent and cruel. According to the Los Angeles Daily News, a group of online pranksters connected with popu…

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Google Maps can predict how crowded your train or bus will be

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Public transit is vital for countless people, but no one wants to be stuck on a subway train or bus that’s jam-packed. To help you figure out how busy your ride is going to be, you’ll soon see predictions to that end in Google Maps. Google is tapping…

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Google Maps AI helps you discover a restaurant’s popular dishes

By AI, android, engadget, food, food and drink, foodanddrink, gear, google, Google: Maps, Internet, ios, machine learning, Mobile, restaurant

Google is trying to take some of the guesswork out of trying a new restaurant. The company is trotting out an update to Google Maps that uses machine learning to highlight the popular dishes at an eatery. Tap on a place and it’ll show the most popu…

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Google’s privacy push adds Incognito Mode for Maps and Search

By chrome, engadget, entertainment, gear, google, Google: Maps, Google: Search, googleio2019, incognito mode, Internet, maps, privacy, services, youtube

Among the new developments announced at Google I/O 2019, CEO Sundar Pichai revealed tweaks that will impact data retention and privacy. Filters that auto-delete web & app activity will become available starting today with support for a…

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