Google’s Nest Hub could be your next hotel concierge

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The next time you’re wrapping up a trip (whenever that might be amid the COVID-19 pandemic), you might find yourself asking Google Assistant to check you out of a hotel. Google is bringing hands-free hospitality to hotel rooms through its Nest…

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Google promises better search results for recipes, jobs and shopping

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Google is making its activity cards feature — which helps you pick up where you left off in Search on mobile — more useful. Let’s say you’re looking for iPad accessories. The shopping card will display products that you’ve been researching, an…

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Google dresses up search for the Oscars with a dedicated hub

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This year’s Academy Awards ceremony is only a few days away and Google’s getting ready for the big night with Oscar-focused updates to Search and Assistant. Search for “Oscars 2020” on your phone starting today and you’ll see a dedicated hub for the…

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Google Assistant can create alarms based on weather and time of day

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An update on its way to Lenovo Smart Clock will add a Google Assistant option that can switch up the alarm ringtone based on factors such as the time of day and the weather. In fact, Google’s AI can create and curate the piano ringtones for you.

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Pandora now works in Spanish on Alexa and Google Assistant

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Pandora can now respond to requests en español in the US via Alexa and Google Assistant. You can activate Spanish voice controls by adding the language through the Alexa or Assistant settings.

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Alphabet’s cybersecurity company Chronicle will join Google Cloud

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Alphabet’s cybersecurity company Chronicle announced today that it’s joining Google and will become part of Google Cloud. The cybersecurity company launched in January 2018, and it released its first commercial product, Backstory, in March. In a blog…

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Google will let you play simple games on smart displays

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Starting today, developers will be able to create games for Google’s smart displays. Google is opening up access to a Google Assistant-based framework called Interactive Canvas, which will allow them to build full-screen apps (or Actions) on smart di…

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Amazon and Google ask for non-stop data from smart home devices

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You’d expect voice assistants to collect data whenever you control a smart home device — that’s how they work. Amazon and Google have lately been asking for a continuous flow of data in the name of convenience, however, and those device makers aren’…

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Google Assistant may scan your face to personalize commands

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Google might soon have an alternative to voice matching when you want to use Assistant to get personalized results. The latest beta for Android’s Google app includes code references to a previously hinted-at Face Match feature that, as the name impl…

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Food tracking comes to Google Assistant with Lifesum

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You no longer have to pull out your phone (or look at your watch) to track your dietary habits. Lifesum has introduced what it says is the first food tracking app for Google Assistant, making it easier to keep tabs on your eating patterns. I…

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Chrome OS beta brings Google Assistant to more devices

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To date, native access to Google Assistant on a Chrome OS device has meant splurging on Google-made hardware like the Pixelbook or Pixel Slate. You won’t have to be quite so picky for much longer, though. Google has started testing Chrome OS 72 in…

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Huawei might try to take its voice assistant outside of China

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Smartphone maker Huawei is planning on taking its popular voice assistant outside of China and competing with Amazon, Google and Apple internationally, according to a report from CNBC. The Chinese technology firm is apparently working on a ver…

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Google kills off Android’s spam-ridden Nearby Notifications

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After launching just three years ago, Google is putting an end to Nearby Notifications on Android. The feature, which was intended to serve up location-specific information, had recently become inundated with marketers and spammers. Android us…

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Watch Google’s Pixel 3 event in less than 10 minutes

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Google’s Pixel 3 event may have been spoiled by an abundance of leaks, but that doesn’t mean it was easy to follow along — there was a veritable deluge of news. The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL were undoubtedly the highlights with their larger screens…

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Google’s $30 USB-C earbuds offer access to Assistant, translations

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Google’s first attempt at wireless earbuds, the Pixel Buds, aren’t for everyone. Not just because they don’t live up to the hype — due to jerky performance, overly sensitive touch controls and a tedious case design — but also because they cost $159…

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