HBO Max is making a series based on the One Perfect Shot Twitter account

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Cinema buffs have something to look forward to from HBO Max. The streaming service is adapting popular Twitter account One Perfect Shot, which shares some of the most iconic compositions in film history, into a documentary series.Each 30-minut…

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Charter is the first cable company with a deal for HBO Max

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WarnerMedia didn’t initially say how TV providers besides AT&T would offer HBO Max, but that’s now becoming clear through a first-ever deal. Cable provider Charter has landed a multi-year agreement that will make HBO Max available to a…

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HBO Go and Now won’t work on older Apple TV models after April

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Plenty of people are stuck at home without much to do. In other words, it’s the perfect time to catch up on TV shows and movies. HBO might be throwing a wrench into some people’s binging plans, though, as the company is pulling its HBO Go and …

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HBO’s free streaming includes ‘The Wire’ and its Theranos documentary

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As efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus by encouraging social distancing stretch into another week, HBO has opened up its library for some free viewing. Not everything is available — non-subscribers can’t catch up on Game of Thrones yet — but…

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‘The Last of Us’ TV series is coming to HBO from the creator of ‘Chernobyl’

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Naughty Dog isn’t stopping with its long-in-the-making Uncharted movie. The studio is partnering with HBO to create a The Last of Us TV series — yes, a full show rather than a one-off feature. It’ll even have stronger-than-usual talent. Chernobyl cr…

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‘Westworld’ season 3 trailer sets the stage for an AI battle

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HBO has released a new trailer for the upcoming third season of Westworld. It shows Dolores, Maeve and Westworld’s other characters leave the confines of the park that defined so much of show’s past two seasons. Additionally, we see more of the futur…

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HBO Max’s first trailer reminds you it has non-HBO titles, too

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HBO Max is still a few months away from its May launch, but that isn’t stopping AT&T and WarnerMedia from trying to drum up some early hype. The streaming service has introduced its first trailer, and it mainly serves to remind you that Warner ow…

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Disney+正式发布前已有超过 100 万美国用户

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 迪士尼最新的流媒体服务 Disney+要到 11 月中旬才会推出,但根据市场分析公司 Jumpshot 本周发布的最新数据,其美国的注册用户数可能已达到 100 多万。Jumpshot 通过对在线消费者的调查得出这个结论。与此同时,它并不是唯一一家给出乐观预测的机构。
10 月中旬,瑞银分析师表示,他们调查了 1000 名消费者,86% 表示他们听说过 Disney+。此外,44% 的人表示他们 “可能” 付费订购。这一数字领先于迪士尼 4 月份的内部预测。迪士尼当时预计,到 2024 年,美国的付费订购用户将达到 2000 万至 3000 万。(迪士尼同时预计,届时全球付费用户数将达到 6000 万至 9000 万。)
与 comScore 类似,Jumpshot 通过对 1 亿台设备的覆盖来收集消费者洞察。该公司宣称,能够获得有关消费者搜索、点击和交易的数据,包括那些封闭生态的数据,例如亚马逊、Netflix、谷歌等。
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Why are there so many TV streaming services?

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The days of television streaming with limited choices are long gone. The list of options grows longer almost daily, and some big names have plans to launch new services that will further silo the content you want to watch. Exclusives are the n…

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Apple can make TV+ ubiquitous through brute force

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Apple CEO Tim Cook didn’t waste any time at the company’s 2019 iPhone event. One of the first announcements he made was that Apple’s highly anticipated video streaming service, Apple TV+, will launch November 1st for $4.99 a month. Since introducing…

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Wandering the VR halls of ‘Westworld Awakening’

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My name is Kate and I’ve been brutally murdered in an old west farmhouse.

Moments after meeting my doom, I’m awake. Barely. I’m in a sterile room with two people lording over me. They talk to each other while I try to understand what’s happening. My…

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Facebook might bring major streaming services to its Portal for TVs

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Last year, reports emerged Facebook was working on a video chat camera you’d plug into your TV. It sounds a bit like its Portal smart display, albeit without the need for a dedicated screen. One reported aspect of the device is that it’d offer video…

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‘Westworld’ season 3 trailer shows robots venturing beyond the park

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HBO has released the first full trailer for Westworld’s third season, and it’s clear that there’s much, much more to see than what you caught in the teaser. The clip shows a future city where the park robots have slipped into human society, with Dol…

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