DOJ report finds foreign meddling had no impact on midterm elections

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If attempts at election meddling had any tangible effect on the US midterms, you won’t hear about it from some officials. The Departments of Justice and Homeland Security have submitted a joint report to President Trump saying there was no evidence…

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US border officers don’t always delete collected traveler data

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Privacy advocates aren’t just concerned about warrantless device searches at the border because of the potential for deliberate abuse — it’s that the officials might be reckless. And unfortunately, there’s evidence this is the case in the US. Home…

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Face scanning in US airports is rife with technical problems

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If you’ve had misgivings about the effectiveness of Homeland Security’s airport face scanning (let alone the privacy implications), you’re not alone. The department’s Inspector General has issued a report warning that the scanning system is struggli…

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Homeland Security database would track bloggers, social media

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Fears about the potential effects of propaganda and fake news remain high, and American officials are determined to keep track of media outlets in a bid to curb these misinformation campaigns. The Department of Homeland Security has put out a…

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DHS faces lawsuit over phone and laptop border searches

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The number of electronic devices seized and searched at customs sharply increased in 2016 and has continued to rise this year. A number of groups and politicians have spoken out against the growing practice and now the ACLU and the Electronic …

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US lifts laptop ban at Abu Dhabi airport

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The US is scaling back its ban on laptops for Middle Eastern flights headed to the US… though it’s not because officials believe everything is safe. The Department of Homeland Security has exempted Abu Dhabi International Airport from the ban (whic…

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US: North Korea’s been hacking everyone since 2009

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US authorities believe the North Korean government has been using an army of hackers called “Hidden Cobra” to deploy cyber attacks over the past eight years. That’s according to the Technical Alert formally issued by the Homeland Security and the FBI…

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