Toyota will use hydrogen burners to reduce factory emissions

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As clean as fuel cell cars and EVs may be, they’re still made using pollution-producing factories — and Toyota wants to help solve this. The company has introduced what it says is the first-ever general-purpose hydrogen burner built for use at fact…

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Pizza Hut’s hydrogen delivery truck hauls a robotic kitchen

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Pizza Hut will not be outdone in the pursuit of over-the-top delivery vehicles. The restaurant chain has teamed up with Toyota to unveil the Tundra Pie Pro, a concept hydrogen fuel cell truck that not only cooks pizzas, but uses a pair of robo…

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Toyota’s latest hydrogen-powered semi boasts 300-mile range

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Toyota has made a lot of progress on its hydrogen fuel cell semi truck since unveiling the Alpha model in 2017. The automaker has unveiled a Beta version of its Project Portal semi that promises huge improvements. For one, the zero-emissions v…

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Anheuser-Busch will haul beer in Nikola hydrogen-electric trucks

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The rivalry between Nikola and Tesla is only getting hotter… figuratively speaking. Mere months after ordering 40 Tesla Semis, Anheuser-Busch has ordered “up to” 800 of Nikola’s hydrogen-electric semi-trucks to introduce them into its beer-carrying…

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Hyundai’s self-driving fuel cell cars complete a record highway trip

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Future self-driving cars don’t have to be pure electric vehicles, and Hyundai is determined to prove it. The automaker just had a five-strong fleet of Level 4 autonomous hydrogen fuel cars drive themselves 118 miles from Seoul to the Winter Olympics…

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Hyundai plans 38 EVs as it tries to catch up with rivals

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Hyundai and its affiliate Kia have revealed ambitious plans to bring as many as 38 green cars to market in the next eight years, with seven models slated for launch in the next five. Most of them will be electric vehicles, senior vice presiden…

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Daimler and HPE want to power green data centers with hydrogen

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Hydrogen fuel cells have mainly been used to power vehicles so far, but they could soon find another use: the server farms powering your internet services. Daimler, HPE, Power Innovations and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory are expand…

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Belgian scientists turn polluted air into hydrogen fuel

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To save the environment, humanity needs to do two things: reduce harmful gases and produce more energy from “green” energy sources. While plenty of research projects have tried to tackle these independently, few do both at the same time. Scientists f…

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Prototype Genesis SUV melds hydrogen and plug-in power

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It hasn’t even been two years since Hyundai spun out its Genesis luxury badge as a separate division, but the new group is already making a name for itself. Genesis has unveiled its first experimental SUV, the GV80 Concept, and the prototype clearly…

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GM and Honda will mass-produce hydrogen fuel cells together

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Just weeks after the car and energy industries began their big push on hydrogen, the first real action is being taken. General Motors and Honda have leapt into bed together to begin work on a new factory that’ll mass-produce hydrogen fuel cells for t…

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