NASA gives four projects $3 million to develop potential space missions

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NASA has announced four projects as part of its Discovery Program, which sees the space agency asking scientists to pitch focused, relatively low-cost missions for it to take on and develop into full-fledged missions. “Although they’re not official m…

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The Hayden Planetarium’s new show celebrates unmanned space probes

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The astronomy I learned as a kid was pretty limited — the Earth revolves around the Sun and, of course, the whole "My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas" thing. Of course, that expression no longer applies bec…

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First observed interstellar object is a speedy, cigar-shaped asteroid

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Last month, astronomers running the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii spotted an intriguing object moving through our solar system and it became clear pretty quickly that the object, whether it was a comet or an asteroid, had come from outside …

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Touring the solar system with a new book of NASA photos

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It’s easy to get jaded by images of our solar system, especially when NASA probes like Cassini make it look so routine. A new book called The Planets, written and curated by Nirmala Nataraj with a forward by Bill Nye and featuring hundreds of stunnin…

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What’s next for NASA as Cassini’s mission comes to a close

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After nearly two decades in space and 11 years studying Saturn (and its myriad of moons), the Cassini spacecraft ended its mission at roughly 6:30 am Eastern on Friday, when it slammed into the gas giant’s suffocating atmosphere. It was an auspicious…

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Saturn and Jupiter’s moon burps bode well for distant life

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Scientists recently took a closer look at data over a decade old and concluded that two moons orbiting Saturn and Jupiter might have environments that foster life. During an October 2015 flyby of the ringed planet’s moon Enceladus, the probe Cassini…

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