Kaspersky says it briefly possessed classified NSA files

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Earlier this month, reports surfaced that classified NSA documents detailing how US agencies defend their cyber networks and how they breach foreign ones were stolen by Russian hackers in 2015. Those reports noted that the files were spotted t…

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New ransomware is causing major issues across Europe and Russia

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There’s a new ransomware making the rounds today with confirmed targets in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Germany. Kaspersky Labs says that nearly 200 victims have been hit with the ransomware that’s been dubbed Bad Rabbit.

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Latest Adobe Flash vulnerability allowed hackers to plant malware

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Adobe Flash may be on its way out, but apparently, its goodbye tour is going to be marred by security issues just as the software has for most of its existence. Kaspersky Labs reports that a new Adobe Flash vulnerability was exploited by a gro…

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Israel warned the US about Kaspersky after hacking its network

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Kaspersky is in hot water…again. The US government recently prohibited federal agencies from using the company’s products, and the FBI is reportedly convincing private entities to do the same. Its latest headache is linked to the NSA cyberattacks a…

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Russian hackers reportedly stole NSA cyber defense material

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The Wall Street Journal reports today that Russian hackers stole documents detailing how US agencies defend their networks against cyberattacks, how they breach foreign networks and the computer code they use to do so. Sources told the publica…

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