Chinese hackers impersonated McAfee to attack election campaign staffers

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Google warned in June that state-sponsored hackers were targeting 2020 US election campaigns, and now it’s outlining some of the methods those perpetrators used. APT31, a group linked to China, impersonated McAfee (the antivirus software, not …

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Microsoft helped disrupt the infamous Trickbot botnet

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It’s not just the US government racing to disrupt the Trickbot botnet ahead of elections. Microsoft has revealed that it and multiple partners (including ESET, Lumen’s Black Lotus Labs, NTT, Symantec and FS-ISAC) have taken steps to disrupt Tr…

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Iranian hackers’ Android malware spies on dissidents by stealing 2FA codes

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It’s no secret that some countries have spied on their citizens through innocuous-looking apps, but one effort is more extensive than usual. Check Point Research has discovered (via ZDNet) that Rampant Kitten, an Iranian hacker group that has …

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Malware writer pleads guilty to helping $568 million cybercrime ring

By crime, cybercrime, engadget, fastpos, gear, hack, Hacking, hacks, identity theft, infraud organization, malware, News, valerian chiochiu

Another key member of the massive Infraud cybercrime ring is likely heading to prison. Software writer Valerian Chiochiu has pleaded guilty to RICO conspiracy for helping Infraud Organization develop and use FastPOS malware that helped the gro…

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The latest iPad Pro disables mics when its case is closed

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These days, any connected device with a microphone could arguably be treated with suspicion, from smart speakers to phones to computers. Apple helped to address privacy concerns in 2018 by adding a feature that disconnects MacBook microphones …

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Google’s Advanced Protection Program will block third-party Android apps

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Google’s latest changes to its Advanced Protection Program could create a headache for Android users who were downloading apps outside of the Play Store. Aside from a few exceptions, program participants will no longer be able to install third-party…

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Microsoft disrupts a botnet that infected 9 million computers

By algorithm, botnet, Business, cybercrime, domains, engadget, gear, Internet, malware, Microsoft, necrus, personal computing, personalcomputing, Security

Today, Microsoft and partners from 35 countries took steps to disrupt a botnet behind the world’s largest cybercrime network. The botnet, Necurs, has infected an estimated nine million computers worldwide, and it’s one of the largest spam email netwo…

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Google is cracking down on apps with ‘disruptive’ ads

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Google’s Play Store is a pretty open platform. While that can be a good thing for users and app developers, some bad actors can take advantage, either through malware or obnoxious ads. Today, the company announced that it has removed nearly 600 apps…

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Microsoft’s Defender security software is coming to iOS and Android

By android, apps, attacks, cybersecurity, defender, engadget, gear, ios, linux, malware, Microsoft, microsoft defender, Mobile, operating systems, Phishing, Security

Despite Apple and Google’s best efforts, malware and malicious apps are still a big concern on iOS and Android. So today, Microsoft announced that it’s bringing its Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to the mobile operating systems. In other w…

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Guardian: Saudi prince’s account used to hack Jeff Bezos via WhatsApp

By Amazon, breach, Business, data breach, engadget, gear, hack, Jeff Bezos, malware, mbs, Mobile, mohammad bin salman, saudi arabia, Security

Amazon spends millions of dollars each year physically protecting CEO Jeff Bezos, but his personal data remained all too vulnerable. According to a bombshell report published in The Guardian this afternoon, Bezos was the victim of a hacking op…

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DOJ charges two Russians with using malware to steal millions

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Officials are offering a $5 million reward for information that leads to the capture of Maksim Yakubets of Moscow. Yakubets is one of two Russian nationals charged with cybercrimes that resulted in tens of millions in losses. The $5 million re…

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Sneaky tactics lead to millions of malware-laden Android app downloads

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Reports of malware-laden Android apps with millions of downloads are becoming a monthly occurrence. Google recently removed 25 more apps from the Play Store after Symantec discovered that they shared similar malicious code structure. These app…

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Man charged with bribing AT&T staff to illegally unlock phones

By at&t, bribery, crime, department of justice, engadget, gear, Internet, malware, Mobile, Security, smartphone, unlock, unlocked, unlocking, verizon

There’s no question that there’s a market for unlocked phones, but one man may have been too eager to profit from that demand. The US has charged Pakistani citizen Muhammad Fahd with bribing staff at AT&T’s call center in Bothell, Washington to…

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Here’s how AG Barr is going to get encryption “backdoors”

By attorney general, Australia, backdoors, bad password, christopher wray, cybersecurity, DoJ, encryption, engadget, FBI, fosta-sesta, gadgetry, Gadgets, gear, infosec, malware, Microsoft, Mobile, Opinion, personal computing, personalcomputing, politics, Security, services, william barr

If you heard the reverberation of a few thousand heads exploding last week, it was the sound of information security professionals reacting to US Attorney General Barr saying that Big Tech "can and must" put backdoors into encryption…

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TrickBot malware may have hacked 250 million email accounts

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TrickBot malware may have stolen as many as 250 million email accounts, including some belonging to governments in the US, UK and Canada. The malware isn’t new. In fact, it’s been circulating since 2016. But according to cybersecurity firm Deep Insti…

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US Cyber Command warns of nation-state hackers exploiting Outlook

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The recent surge in state-backed hacking campaigns isn’t dying down any time soon. US Cyber Command has reported that unnamed state actors are making “active malicious use” of a 2017-era Outlook vulnerability (long since patched) to escape the email…

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Auction for a laptop full of malware closes at $1.2 million

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Today, bidding on a laptop packed with some of the world’s most dangerous malware closed at $1.2 million. Dubbed “The Persistence of Chaos,” the Samsung NC10 contains six viruses that have caused an estimated $95 billion in damages. Despite what you…

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WhatsApp call exploit let attackers slip spyware on to phones

By android, engadget, exploit, facebook, gear, Internet, ios, malware, Mobile, nso group, pegasus, Security, spying, spyware, surveillance, vulnerability, Whatsapp

WhatsApp appears to have been the inadvertent conduit for a surveillance campaign. Both WhatsApp and Israeli software developer NSO Group have confirmed that an exploit in WhatsApp’s voice calling allowed attackers to load NSO’s Pegasus spyware on t…

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US charges China-based hacking group for massive 2015 Anthem breach

By anthem, Business, charges, China, conspiracy, data breach, engadget, FBI, fuji wang, gear, hack, hackers, hacking group, indictment, john doe, justice department, malware, Security, spearphishing

Four years after hackers committed one of the worst data breaches in history, the US Justice Department has charged a "sophisticated China-based hacking group" with the attacks. An indictment released yesterday charges two members of…

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FBI and Google dismantle multi-million dollar ad fraud scheme

By 3ve, adfraud, advertising, counterfeit, crime, engadget, FBI, gear, google, Internet, malware, personal computing, personalcomputing, scam, Security, whiteops

A massive ad-fraud operation that hijacked nearly two million devices and involved 5,000 counterfeit websites has been dismantled by the FBI, Google and bot-detection firm White Ops. The eight men involved in the scheme are facing charges — t…

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Windows’ built-in antivirus tool can run in a secure sandbox

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Antivirus programs, by their nature, introduce a degree of risk. Since they have to scan malicious data to stop attacks (and thus need extensive permissions), a piece of malware that exploits antivirus flaws can typically run with impunity. …

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Fake Flash updates upgrade software, but install crypto-mining malware

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According to cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks, it discovered a fake Flash updater that has been duping conscientious computer users since August. The fake updater installs files to sneak a cryptocurrency mining bot called XMRig, which min…

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Kelihos botnet operator pleads guilty to hacking and fraud charges

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The Kelihos botnet story appears to be winding to a close. Russian Peter Levashov has pleaded guilty to charges relating his operation of the botnet, including intentional damage to a computer, wire fraud, conspiracy and identity theft. He r…

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Android exploit targeted apps’ shoddy use of external storage

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Many mobile security flaws revolve around obvious avenues like websites or deep, operating system-level exploits. The security team at Check Point, however, has discovered another path: apps that make poor use of external storage like SD card…

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