Intel is patching its Zombieload CPU security flaw for the third time

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For the third time in less than a year, Intel has disclosed a new set of vulnerabilities related to the speculative functionality of its processors. On Monday, the company said it will issue a software update "in the coming weeks" th…

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Intel fixes CPU security flaw it said was patched in May (updated)

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It turns out that Intel’s CPU security fixes from May didn’t address everything the company mentioned. Intel is rolling out another patch that does more to close the speculative execution flaws that could let attackers swipe passwords and other sensi…

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Install updates now to address a vulnerability in most Intel CPUs

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In January 2018, a pair of security exploits dubbed Spectre and Meltdown showed how attackers could take advantage of commonly-implemented CPU technology to access data they shouldn’t have been able to. They were followed by a similar bug, Foreshadow…

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