Mercedes-Benz’s voice assistant will soon support Samsung SmartThings

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Samsung is teaming up with Mercedes-Benz to bring the automaker’s cars into its smart home ecosystem. Starting with the S-Class in 2021, you’ll be able to control many of your smart home devices via Mercedes-Benz’s MBUX Voice Assistant, including lig…

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The electric Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow is retro quick

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There’s no shortage of electric concept cars based on vehicles of the past. But that’s doesn’t mean I’m any less excited about the Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow. Based on the W 125 Benz from 1937, the single-seater concept car looks like its ready fo…

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Daimler and Bosch will use NVIDIA to power self-driving taxis

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Putting self-driving cars on the streets requires a lot of computing power. Most test cars on the road have PC towers in their trunk that take up space, suck up power and produce a lot of heat. With that in mind Daimler (the parent company of …

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Google and Apple might lose the infotainment war

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Android Auto and CarPlay are both pretty great. You plug your smartphone into your car and you’re greeted with a familiar set of icons. In most vehicles on the road, it’s an improvement. Why wade through a confusing interface, when two of the biggest…

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Mercedes AR app gives truck drivers crucial info on their rig

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Mercedes isn’t new to experimenting with augmented reality, and at MWC 2018 the company showed off its latest creation with that technology. The “Vehicle Lens” app is exactly what it sounds like: It uses a smartphone to give you an AR view of a car o…

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Mercedes drove around the globe to train its autonomous cars

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On a rainy September day in Frankfurt Germany, Mercedes-Benz executives and I got in a specially built semi-automated S-Class to track our drive to Stuttgart. It was the first leg in a five-month, five continent training of the automaker’s self-drivi…

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The auto industry is head over heels for VR

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Virtual reality and augmented reality are all over the North American International Auto Show floor. Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen are all using the tech to show off their latest cars and concepts. During the industry pr…

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The most eye-catching cars and tech from NAIAS 2018 in Detroit

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The North American International Auto Show’s press and industry preview week is winding down, but the show is far from over. Next week the NAIAS opens to the public and if can’t make it to the Mitten State yourself but still want a peek at what’s tuc…

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Cruising the Las Vegas Strip in the Smart Vision EQ concept car

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Introduced at the Frankfurt auto show in September, the Smart Vision EQ from Mercedes-Benz is the automaker’s EV concept that combines mobility, autonomy and connectivity. The result is a car built on the Smart Fortwo platform, can wink at pedestrian…

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Daimler’s electric trucks start making deliveries in Japan and US

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Most electric vehicle discussions revolve around passenger cars. Sometimes buses get thrown into the mix. We’re laser-focused on how people will get from point A to point B and sometimes forget that our streets are also teeming with delivery trucks a…

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Mercedes is building smarter headlights for its cars of the future

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In a dark garage at the Mercedes-Benz headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, a flat gray S-Class illuminates a white screen at the end of long hall. The headlights blast on and while the light is bright, it’s not that impressive. Then Stefan Toepfer, el…

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Starting in 2020, it’s going to be hella easy to buy an EV

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For the first time ever, buying an electric or hybrid car from most of the big automakers is a viable option. But these electrified vehicles are still a small part of the entire automotive world. At the Frankfurt auto show in Germany, many car…

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Mercedes-Benz aims to take hydrogen fuel-cells mainstream

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General Motors’ confidence in hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) vehicles seems to be sparking something of a renaissance among other automakers. In April, Toyota announced it was testing a HFC semi truck, and now Mercedes has announced a hybrid crossover util…

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Mercedes puts Formula One tech in an electric hypercar

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More and more supercars from the likes of Ferrari and Porsche are using electric motors to juice their torque. Mercedes-Benz wasn’t about to be left out and has just introduced the 1,000 horsepower AMG Project One ahead of the Frankfurt Auto Show. Th…

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A 114-year old Mercedes has more in common with a Tesla than you think

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I’m extremely nervous to be behind the wheel of the 1902 model (built in 1903) Mercedes Simplex 40. The controls and open air sitting position remind me more of a John Deere tractor than the cars that currently fill our cities and interstates. After…

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Mercedes uses art deco inspiration for electric car concept

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Luxury vehicles from the 1930s were nearly aircraft carrier-long. It was the art deco era dominated by seemingly never ending clean lines. So it’s no surprise that the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet is over six meters long (about 20 feet) and ha…

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Mercedes Benz is building cars that know the road better than you

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As we approach a blind corner on a twisty mountain road above Sunnyvale, there’s a moment when I’m sitting in the passenger seat of a pre-production Mercedes Benz S-Class and I’m not not sure that the updated Intelligent Drive will really slow the ca…

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