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Tesla camera hack shows how your EV might monitor driving habits

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Elon Musk said the driver-facing camera in Tesla cars was to monitor future robotaxi service, but a sleuth suggests the company might be open to checking human drivers as well. Code investigator Green says they’ve found (via Electrek) the in-c…

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Tesla delivered 139,300 vehicles last quarter, breaking its previous record

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Tesla delivered more vehicles than it has in any quarter to date between July and September. In its Q3 vehicle delivery and production report, Tesla said it shipped 139,300 vehicles during those three months.That’s 45 percent more than the num…

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Tesla Powerwall knows when to stop charging your EV during power outages

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Tesla’s Powerwall can ironically create problems if you’re all-in on the company’s ecosystem. What happens if there’s a power outage and the battery pack has to juggle the needs of both your home and your EV? You might rest a little easier fro…

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Lifting weights in a Panasonic exosuit destined for the Tokyo Olympics

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Exosuits, exoskeletons and power-assist suits are mostly a thing of science fiction, used for battling alien menaces or lifting extremely heavy obstacles. Mostly. Now companies like Panasonic are making the case for actually using one. The rea…

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Tesla must pause production at its Fremont factory to shelter in place

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Yesterday, it looked like Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California, would remain open despite being in one of the California counties under a shelter in place order. Today, a spokeswoman for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office said otherwise. The facto…

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Elon Musk is ‘scouting’ new US locations for Cybertruck, Model Y production

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So what’s next after making a million Teslas? According to Elon Musk, a Cybertruck gigafactory that could be placed in “central USA,” and Model Y production “for East Coast too.” These tweets came just hours after the exec polled followers on whether…

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Musk: Holiday Tesla update adds ‘Stardew Valley,’ self-driving preview

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It’s been a few months since Tesla’s 10.0 update brought Cuphead, Netflix and YouTube to some of its in-car systems, and it appears more options are around the corner. Elon Musk tweeted tonight that a “holiday” update will add farming RPG Stardew Val…

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Elon Musk: Berlin ‘gigafactory’ will build Teslas starting with the Model Y

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After launching manufacturing facilities in the US and China, Tesla’s next location is apparently in Europe. Reuters and CNBC report that while speaking at an awards ceremony in Germany, Elon Musk announced the company’s ‘Gigafactory 4’ will be locat…

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Tesla drivers can play ‘Beach Buggy Racing 2’ starting today

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A new wave of behind the wheel gameplay is coming to Tesla. The company announced that it has started rolling out Beach Buggy Racing 2 to vehicles today. A new, Tesla-compatible version of the mobile game by Vector Unit will be available on ev…

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