Reddit has banned nearly 7,000 hateful subreddits since June 29th

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Reddit says it’s ramping up its fight against hate speech. Since rolling out its new content policies on June 29th, the platform has banned nearly 7,000 subreddits for hateful content. While the company admits it has more work to do, it says i…

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Pinterest’s moderation doesn’t catch some abusive and false material

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Pinterest has received kudos for moderation that relies on customizing search results to hide or counter material, but it appears to have its limits. OneZero has discovered numerous cases where Pinterest’s moderation didn’t catch some abusive …

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YouTube will temporarily increase automated content moderation

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YouTube will rely more on machine learning and less on human reviewers during the coronavirus outbreak. Normally, algorithms detect potentially harmful content and send it to human reviewers for assessment. But these are not normal times, and …

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TikTok will stop using China-based moderators to screen foreign content

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TikTok has already taken steps to reassure the world that the Chinese government doesn’t control its app overseas, including the use of non-Chinese moderators for the US and plans for a transparency center. However, it’s taking things one step furth…

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Facebook will cooperate with French hate speech investigation

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Facebook plans to cooperate with the French government as it investigates the company’s content moderation policies and systems, according to TechCrunch. Facebook will reportedly grant the government significant access to its internal processes for t…

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