Office 365 for Mac now supports Dark Mode

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As promised, Office 365 is ready to wring more out of macOS Mojave. Microsoft has updated the Mac version of its subscription productivity suite with several helpful features, two of which are tied to Apple’s latest software. The obvious one is Dar…

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Microsoft Office will get a dark mode for macOS Mojave

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Microsoft Office users on macOS Mojave are in line for a welcome update, as a dark mode is on the way. However, you might need to wait a little while before Microsoft makes it a little more comfortable for most users to hash out their masterpi…

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Apple releases iOS 12.1, watchOS 5.1 with Group FaceTime (updated)

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Apple has released a smorgasbord of updates, and iOS 12.1 is just the start of them. Notably, you can now upgrade to watchOS 5.1 to Apple Watch Series 4 devices. It doesn’t include the wearable’s marquee ECG feature, unfortunately, but there are new…

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What you need to know about Apple’s war on ‘digital fingerprinting’

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Most everyone is aware of how tracking cookies work (or if you’re not, you should be). They’re little pieces of data added to your browser that track your behavior on the web. Usually, you notice them when you search for something like basketball and…

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The new Mac App Store is inspired by iOS

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Apple has revealed a redesigned Mac App Store at WWDC 2018, which takes clear design cues from the iOS version. The new digital shop now looks a lot like the one on your iPhone and iPad, featuring a "Discover" tab that will highlight…

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