Astrobotic’s tiny Moon rover is on its way to NASA for testing

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Astrobotic’s CubeRover is on its way to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, the robotics company announced today. The CubeRover is designed to provide a mobile platform for scientific instruments on the surface of the Moon.CubeRover was co-developed …

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A tiny space rock holds clues about the evolution of life

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Back in 2012, a team of Japanese and Belgian researchers in Antarctica found a golf ball-sized space rock resting in the snow. Now, NASA astronauts have had a chance to study a piece of that meteorite, Asuka 12236, and they say it may hold new…

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Blue Origin’s lunar lander mockup is ready for NASA simulations

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Blue Origin and its “National Team” partners Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Draper have delivered their full scale lunar lander mock-up to NASA. The space agency will use the engineering prototype to simulate how it could get “crew, equ…

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Recent damage to the Arecibo telescope could keep it offline for months

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It could take several months to repair the recent damage to Arecibo Observatory, SpaceNews reports. During a NASA meeting earlier this week, Lindley Johnson, director of NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office, said the massive radio tele…

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Recommended Reading: The fear of TikTok

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Why America is afraid of TikTokMichael Schuman, The AtlanticA US Senator called it a Trojan Horse. President Trump reportedly wants Chinese owner ByteDance to sell it off to a buyer based in the States or to ban it entirely without having it c…

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NASA’s Mars 2020 rover and helicopter are nearly ready for launch

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Some 17 years after slinging its Spirit and Opportunity rovers towards the Red Planet, NASA is making final preparations ahead of its Mars 2020 mission launch, this time with Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter in tow. Ahead of next we…

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NASA’s SpaceX Crew Dragon astronauts will return to Earth on August 2nd

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Two months after NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley traveled via SpaceX’s Crew Dragon to the International Space Station (ISS), they’ll return to Earth. NASA is planning for the SpaceX Crew Dragon to splash down in the Atlantic Ocean …

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Hitting the Books: What astronauts can learn from nuclear submariners

By christopher wanjek, engadget, feature, harvard university press, hitting the books, hittingthebooks, nasa, space, spacefarers, submarine, tomorrow

We’ve dreamt of colonizing the stars since our first tenuous steps across the moon, yet fifty years after the Apollo 11 mission, the prospect of living and working beyond the bounds of Earth remains tantalizingly out of reach. In his latest bo…

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Eight US companies will manufacture NASA’s COVID-19 ventilator

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Last month, the FDA rushed a NASA-designed ventilator through its fast-track Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) program in hopes that it might be used to treat COVID-19 patients. Caltech, which manages NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), of…

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NASA backs studies on environmental effects of COVID-19 lockdowns

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You’ve probably heard stories of skies and water clearing up while most people stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, but how much have things improved, really? Scientists are about to rely on NASA technology to find out. The space agency …

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