The Google Home Max is half off for Black Friday this year

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Google’s smart speakers and displays have steadily improved over the years, and luckily for us, a few of them are on sale for Black Friday. The biggest discount by far is the Google Home Max, which is now selling for $149.99, a whopping 50 per…

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Google makes it easier to find local news through Podcasts and Assistant

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While news podcasts are increasingly popular, most focus on national and global news. It tends to be harder to find local news, especially in an on-demand, audio format. Google wants to change this. Today, it announced plans to bring Your News…

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Google’s Family Bell brings a familiar feature of school back home

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If you’re a parent who’s missed being able to give your kids a semblance of school-like schedule while they’ve been holed up at home, Google’s latest features may be able to help. The company today announced a new tool called Family Bell that …

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The Engadget Podcast: What do we lose if Google is everywhere?

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Google is all about ambient computing. That much was made clear at the company’s launch event this week. Its products were leaked so thoroughly that there were barely any surprises left. Yet, finally getting to see Google’s full portfolio of devices…

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What to expect at the Made By Google event next week

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We’re less than a week away from Google’s hardware event in New York, and Team Engadget will be there to report live from the ground. The leaks and even official reports on Google’s next smartphones have been relentless, so much so that we’ve l…

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The best Alexa-compatible smart-home devices for Amazon Echo

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By Rachel Cericola

This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter’s independently chosen editorial picks, Wirecutter and Engadget may earn affiliate commission. Read the full guide to Alexa-compatible smart-…

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What to expect at Google’s October 15th Pixel 4 event

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Google has taken a novel approach with the Pixel 4 by sharing some information ahead of time. But, we don’t know everything about its next flagship. And there’s a big launch event coming up soon. On October 15th in New York City, the company will off…

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IFTTT 警告不要把 Nest 设备迁移到谷歌账户

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 谷歌表示,为了简单起见,他们正在把 Nest 设备迁移到统一的谷歌生态系统。但是,简单也可能是复杂的,Nest 在这里的情况正是如此。今年 5 月份,在遭到用户的反对后,谷歌宣布将为某些第三方集成保留 Works with Nest 连接。
IFTTT 适用于 Nest 摄像头、烟雾探测器和恒温器的流行小程序就在 “某些” 之列,对花时间集成 IFTTT 功能的用户来说,这当然是个好兆头。
然而,如果用户将自己的 Nest 账户迁移为谷歌账户,那么他们就会在这样做的过程中丢失与第三方集成的连接。在 Nest 官方发布鼓励用户迁移账户的博客文章后,IFTTT 于周一深夜连发两则帖子,就迁移账户发出警告。

请不要将您的 Nest 账户迁移为谷歌账户,迁移您的 Nest 账户将导致 IFTTT 和其他 Works with Nest 集成功能断开跟 Nest 的连接,这个过程是不可逆的。
在 8 月 31 日之后,请不要断开 Nest 跟 I… Read More

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Google pledges to ‘maximize’ recycled material in own products

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Google has been making consumer hardware under its “Made by Google” brand — like its Pixel phones and Google Home Minis — for three years, and dabbled in other hardware for a few years before that. Now, it’s ready to make its products more sustaina…

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Tariffs are forcing Big Tech to move production out of China

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In response to the Trump administration’s trade war with China, major tech companies are preparing to relocate key manufacturing operations. According to Bloomberg, Google is moving production of its US-bound Nest thermostats and motherboards to Taiw…

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Google will let you play simple games on smart displays

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Starting today, developers will be able to create games for Google’s smart displays. Google is opening up access to a Google Assistant-based framework called Interactive Canvas, which will allow them to build full-screen apps (or Actions) on smart di…

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Here’s all the important stuff Google announced at I/O 2019

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A better, faster, stronger Google is in store for 2019. During its I/O developer conference on Tuesday, the company unveiled dozens of updates to every corner of the Google ecosystem; from search and Google Assistant to the next generation of …

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The end of Works With Nest could be trouble for smart homes

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Google’s integration of the Nest brand may have some downsides for smart home enthusiasts. The company has revealed that it’s phasing out its Works With Nest program in the summer in favor of a Works With Google Assistant framework. The new program w…

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Google Nest Hub Max hands-on: A bigger, smarter display

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I was surprised by how much I liked last year’s Google Home Hub. The 7-inch smart display won me over with its beautiful screen and adorable design. It was also popular with other reviewers, who praised its clever Assistant features, affordable…

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What to expect at Google I/O 2019

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May has begun, and that means the latest iteration of Google’s I/O developer conference is right around the bend. Usually, that translates to a deluge of new software, AI breakthroughs and web technology. And we’re still expecting plenty of that at t…

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The best smart doorbell camera

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By Rachel Cericola, Jon Chase and Stacey Higginbotham

This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter’s independently chosen editorial picks, Wirecutter and Engadget may earn affiliate commission. Read the fu…

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