Nintendo’s Black Friday sale includes ‘Mario Kart’ when you buy a Switch

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After dealing with months of shortages, Nintendo finally got production of the Switch back up to the levels where it can now offer a special Black Friday deal on the console. For $300 — yes, the regular price of a Switch — you can get a consol…

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons holiday update arrives on November 19th

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The Animal Crossing: New Horizons winter update is about to arrive, setting up some holiday events and adding some much-needed features to Nintendo’s massively successful life sim. The company previewed two upcoming holiday events in a video, Turkey…

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‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ may actually be good for you

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If you’re one of the many gamers who has plowed hundreds of hours into Animal Crossing: New Horizons this year, that could have made a positive impact on your well-being. Oxford University researchers used data from the Nintendo Switch smash h…

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Switch exclusive ‘Bravely Default II’ delayed to February 26th

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Bravely Default II was one of the last few Switch exclusives Nintendo had on its release calendar for the remainder of this year. That’s no longer the case — it’ll now arrive on February 26th. “More development time is necessary to ensure this…

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‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ is $10 off for the first time in months

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One of the most popular Nintendo Switch games to come out this year has returned to its all-time-low price. You can get a physical copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons from Amazon and Walmart for $50, which is $10 off its normal price. The la…

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We now know a lot more about ‘Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit’

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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit was actually announced last month, but today Nintendo revealed new details about the “mixed reality” game ahead of its launch on October 16th. The software is free to download but it won’t work without one of the …

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‘Hades’ suddenly lands on Nintendo Switch

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Hades, an action RPG from Bastion and Transistor studio Supergiant Games, is out now on Nintendo Switch. The studio had already confirmed it would land on Switch sometime this fall, and Nintendo announced a sudden, surprise release date for it…

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Watch the latest Nintendo Direct Mini here at 10AM ET

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It’s been a strange year for Nintendo Direct. In March, Nintendo hosted a surprise Direct Mini event, where it dropped several Switch titles. We haven’t heard much since then. Today, Nintendo is hosting another Direct Mini. This time it’s not …

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‘Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity’ is a hack-and-slash ‘Breath of the Wild’ prequel

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Nintendo is still working on its Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel, but in the meantime, it has another related title to announce. Today, the company revealed that it’s working on a prequel: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. The game …

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Researchers created a Game Boy that doesn’t need batteries

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The original Game Boy was no slouch when it came to battery life. With four simple AA batteries, you could play games like Tetris and Super Mario Land for about 10 to 15 hours. That was something that made the Game Boy so much more appealing t…

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Someone squeezed a Nintendo Wii into a Game Boy Color-like case

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The Wii has a ton of great games that Nintendo hasn’t ported to the Switch, and it probably won’t do so in most cases. But there are ways you might be able to play Super Mario Galaxy on the go real soon instead of waiting for the rumored Switc…

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‘Crysis Remastered’ can run in 8K, if your PC can handle it

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If a Nintendo Switch can run the Crysis remaster, you might assume more powerful consoles and modern PCs should have no trouble in handing the notoriously resource-hungry game. Maybe not so much if you’re hoping to play Crysis Remastered with …

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‘Subnautica’ arrives on Nintendo Switch in early 2021

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It took quite some time before alien undersea survival game Subnautica made its way from PC and Xbox One to PlayStation 4. A bit more than two years after that port, Nintendo Switch owners will be able to check it out too. As announced during …

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Nintendo will show 20 minutes of indie Switch games tomorrow

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Although it’s been almost a year since the last full-blown Nintendo Direct, the company has run a number of smaller digital presentations since then. The latest is another Indie World Showcase, which Nintendo will stream at noon ET on Tuesday….

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