Opera’s stricter privacy controls could also speed up your web browsing

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Opera doesn’t want to miss the browser privacy bandwagon, and it’s taking an unusual angle to sell it: it’s promising a speed boost. The newly released Opera 64 includes a tracker blocker that prevents sites from tracking you across the web (usually…

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LastPass patched a bug that could have exposed your passwords

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If you use LastPass to manage your passwords, now would be a good time to make sure you’re running the latest version, 44.33.0. As Gizmodo reports, LastPass recently patched a bug that could have been used to compromise users’ security credentials. T…

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Web standard brings password-free sign-ins to virtually any site

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Tech companies have been trying to do away with web passwords for years, but now it looks like they’ve reached a key milestone. The FIDO Alliance and W3C have launched a Web Authentication standard that makes it easier to offer truly unique encrypti…

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Building a browser community: Q&A with Jon von Tetzchner, founder of Opera and Vivaldi

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Being an entrepreneur is all about realizing the long cherished vision regardless of the difficulty of the process. For Jon von Tetzchner, that vision is to build the most powerful browser for users. Jon worked more than ten years as the co-founder and CEO of Opera Software, a majority of which was sold last year […]

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